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Oringally Published: 12th October 2012, 12:59 PM
Udpated: 13th October 2012, 12:46 PM
Category: ROM
Device: Xperia Neo V
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Description: Jader13254 Proudly Presenting You

Xperia Ultimate HD™ for Xperia Arc and Xperia Ray.[/font][/size][/center]
User Experience with Xperia Ultimate HD™

"The ROM is amazing! It works like a charm on my Xperia Arc! I installed it directly without doing any Wipe. The multitasking is really good, the phone feels really fast and I have more memory than before for my apps. Batery life is great! 25 hours, 48% left, with Wifi, 3G, phone calls, Bluetooth some times, GPS always on, Navigation with Google Maps, Music and Facebook. Good job Jader! "

"Best ROM ever!"

"I'm really impressed by this rom. It is fast, buttery smooth and everything works perfectly. My Arc S is as smooth as it was on GB." - migueln

"This Rom is just amazing. Incredibly fast, smooth, well balanced and sleek UI. Very good work!"

"My Arc S just took off my hands! It flies for real, Brilliant job and many thanks to Jader "

"No Force Close's, No lags, good battery
Temple Run runs lagless, Dead Trigger runs good, I can even play GT Free+ HD without lags, a game that I could not play at all with other roms"

"Wow, its long time ago, that i have seen a rom (ICS) fast and stable like this, i never see another rom that's really fast like this. This rom is great. Great work!"

"This ROM is so Amazing, its my favorite one of all times "

Ultimate HD 2.0 wallpaper made by me - I hope you like it!

This is my newest ROM. Its a All-In-One ROM with lots of tweaks, damn fast, really stable and perfect for daily use. Really, I tried to give you the best experience possible. Some system apps are from Jelly Bean, others from Xperia T/S or the Xperia Tablet. In addition, I included AROMA Installer, tried to implement Project Butter, Adreno Jelly Bean and lots of other tweaks and stuff from Jelly Bean. I recommend to use adv. kernel, but you can use every ICS kernel. So, happy flashing everyone!

- Based on .587 Android 4.0.4 stable
- 100% Bloatware-free, essential apps included
- Blazing fast and stable, bug free and 90MB free in /system - target is to achieve even more
- Works 100% on arc/arc S, I tested it - even with complete wipe
- AROMA Installer
- Latest Superuser, Busybox, prerooted, Busybox Setup in script, fixed binary
- Deodexed, notification LED fix, supercharged, patched services, Time Killer killed, endless multitasking, maximum overdrive
- Zipaligned, fixed permissions, tons of tweaks - i even tried to implement Project Butter
- Xperia S, Xperia T, Xperia GX. Xperia Tablet S and Xperia Sola system apps
- Redesigned wallpapers and wallpaper drawer
- Jelly Bean goodies, like fonts, sounds, animations, emojis, eastereggs
- Redesigned settings, setup wizard, calendar, camera, 3D camera
- New media apps, Walkman, Album, Movies and Sony Select
- Xperia V Icons
- Xperia T & JB Statusbar with settings and clear all button
- MooDeD Holo Camera & 3D Camera with new icon
- Xperia Sola keyboard and weather widget, Xperia T notes and calculator,
- 3G tweaks, RAM tweaks, APP2SDX support, performance tweaks
- Jelly Bean Adreno, Jelly Bean APNs, arabic language



Thanks for jader13254 for allowing me to port this over to Neo/V.

Any ICS Kernels should work ( NOT CM Kernels).

If you want to continue to support this rom, you can contribute to jader13254 at his thread and also thank him for producing such an amazing rom :3