{JellyBean}{4.2.1}BeanStalk Build - 1/20/2013

Oringally Published: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 07:23:58 GMT
Udpated: 21st January 2013, 06:13 AM
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Device: Infuse 4G
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Description: I am proud to present to you BeanStalk Builds put together by myself. This is a build composed off of the CM10.1 builds and i have added alot of features on top of it. So you get speed, stability, and ultra customization ability. Many of the additional code additions came from slim ROM and also Derteufels build and have been modified to work with my current setup. A huge thanks to Derteufel and the Slim ROM guys for their work and dedication. Also a big thanks to everyone involved with CM as that is the building stone in this project.

I plan on updating this and adding features on a pretty regular basis, so if you happen to like this, keep checking back.

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GAPPs 12/12 modified.


BeanStalk Build 1.070 - MTD - 1/20/2012 - Please install GAPPs from above.
BeanStalk Build 1.050 - MTD - 1/18/2012 - Please install GAPPs from above.
BeanStalk Build 1.001 - MTD - 1/10/2012 - Please install GAPPs from above.

***Please keep in mind that this is the initial release and bugs are to be expected. I am working on this myself and do not have a team that is helping me. Before reporting bugs, please make sure you verify everything on your end and make sure you do a full wipe and format first to make sure it is a legitimate issue. Im going to say this once and only once... I am doing this for fun. It is my CHOICE to share my work with everyone. If you decide that you do not like my work, good for you.. Move on and flash something else. I will not tolerate ungrateful people in my thread.***

Click image for larger versionName:	Screenshot_2013-01-18-03-05-24.jpgViews:	1713Size:	20.1 KBID:	1655019Click image for larger versionName:	Screenshot_2013-01-18-03-05-51.jpgViews:	1582Size:	22.6 KBID:	1655020Click image for larger versionName:	Screenshot_2013-01-18-03-08-04.jpgViews:	1528Size:	29.5 KBID:	1655021Click image for larger versionName:	Screenshot_2013-01-18-03-10-19.jpgViews:	1537Size:	21.9 KBID:	1655022Click image for larger versionName:	Screenshot_2013-01-18-03-12-12.jpgViews:	1480Size:	27.2 KBID:	1655027Click image for larger versionName:	Screenshot_2013-01-18-03-12-41.jpgViews:	1419Size:	35.4 KBID:	1655028
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Coming from Froyo(2.2) Gingerbread(2.3) or ICS(4.0)
  • Obtain CWM, this can be done using Jscotts Odin back to stock (Follow instructions and use SGS kernal flasher to obtain CWM)
  • Run Qksters IMEI backup script here
  • Make certain you are on ICS, this can be done by flashing Entropy's CM9
  • It is recommended now that you remove your SD Card
  • CWM: Wipe Cache / Factory Reset
  • Install ROM
  • ... The package will start to install..
  • ... Phone will reboot into the install screen again...
  • ... Continue to install [Automatically] If not manually flash again
  • ... Phone will reboot again and be at the recovery screen...
  • Install Gapps
  • CWM: Wipe Cache Partition
  • CWM: Advanced/Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Reboot

Coming from JB(4.1)
  • CWM: Wipe Cache / Factory Reset Note: You should be fine without this step, but it is HIGHLY recommended as it makes certain all bugs are wiped clean.
  • Install ROM
  • Install Gapps from link above
  • CWM: Wipe Cache Partition
  • CWM: Advanced/Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Reboot

Here is a short list of additional features that i have added/picked on top of the current CM options/features.

Please see post #2 for complete Change Log.

For the bootanimation... I used what i had available.. I am not good with photoshop or gimp so will not be creating my own custom bootanimation. If anyone would like to volunteer to put together a custom bootanimation for this build, please let me know. Depending on what your able to do, I may add it to the build with permission.

Screenshots coming shortly.

SlimROM source can be found HERE
DerTeufel's source can be found HERE
My source can be found HERE