[24/1/13] ★● CleanROM Inheritance 3.2.1 | JB | DEODEX | OC Kernel ●★

Oringally Published: 15th December 2012, 09:59 PM
Udpated: 24th January 2013, 09:14 PM
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Device: Transformer TF300T
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Description: TF300T Users, please use DPI 160. I recommend you flash the TF300T stock kernel first as it flashes some TF300T specific libraries, then flash a kernel of your choice from the Kernel Installer at the bottom of this post.

You can install this straight over CleanROM 2.3 to 3.x without a wipe – but a good idea to wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
Don't forget to do a Nandroid Backup first and give the ROM 5 mins to stabilise!

Performance Mode:

Performance Mode with fsync disabled and force GPU:

• CleanROM Inheritance is a stock based ROM designed from scratch from the ASUS Stock Jelly Bean 4.1.1 WW release. It has its roots in the original CleanROM by scrosler
• CleanROM Inheritance is targeted to towards the user that wants a ROM with the ability to pick and choose the options they want!
• CleanROM Inheritance is tuned for performance and built for stability!
• CleanROM Inheritance is true to stock in looks!
• CleanROM Inheritance can be provisioned for US and non US – World Wide (WW) editions during the install process
• Thanks to scrosler (Scott!), surdu_petru, clemsyn, buhohitr, timberwolf671, _that, That’s OK & Thibor69 for their invaluable help in making this possible!

• DEODEXed version available. ODEXed coming soon.
• Aroma Installer with the following options:
• Locale: US or WW
• DPI Size: 160 (TF300 recommended), 200, 213 (TF700 recommended) or 240
• Kernels: Clemsyn’s 1.8ghz OC Kernel variants or ASUS Stock Kernel
• Launchers: Stock, Apex , Nova, JB 4.2 Stock, ADW, Go Launcher HD
• Boot Animations: Stock, Nexus 7
• File Managers: Stock, ES File Explorer
• Google Apps : Multi DPI Play Store, News & Weather Genie, Gmail, Maps, Talk, YouTube, Google Now and Voice Search, Google Music, Street View for Maps, Document Viewer, Gallery, Picasa
• Asus Apps: App Back Up, App Locker, My Cloud, My Net, SuperNote, Video Editor, Web Storage, My Frame, My Dictionary, Splashtop, My BitCast, My Library (Asus Reader), Screen Saver, Asus Live Wallpapers
• Asus Apps Removed: Press Reader, Vibe, Zinio, CM Client, DM Client (calling home apps)
• Misc Apps: Adobe Flash, AdAway, Titanium Backup, DropBox, DSP Manager, Rebooter, Hulu Plus - The old hacked version.
• File system and performance tweaks!
• Init.d support!
• Zip align on boot!
• Advanced Power Menu
• Auto Brightness reconditioned (Brighter at lower light levels for IPS+)
• Multi DPI Play Store
• Browser performance tweaks (Extra menu with OpenGL Rendering, Light Touch and CPU Upload Path enabled)
• Browser2RAM (Default Browser and Chrome version)
• Scroll Caching Disabled for smoother in app scrolling
• Fsync Disabled option for extreme speed!
• Seeder Entropy Generator Patch option for those who want to try it!
• Google 4.2 JB Swipe Keyboard
• CIFS (Common Internet File System) module support. Instructions Here. Steps 1, 2 & 3 are done for you.
• Continued Best Support of any ROM!

Version 3.2.1 Full ROM - DEODEX – 24 January 2013
 Replaced TF700 stock kernel with modded NoDPI Asus Stock Kernel version Uranus by _that and made it default choice
 Replaced TF300 stock kernel with modded Asus Stock Kernel by surdu petru
 Zip aligned all system apks outside of zip align script (thanks _that for spotting flaw!)
 Optimised init.d script
 Rebuilt framework-res.apk with no png compression for proper efficiency
 Changed Seeder Entropy Mod from init.d script to apk as this offers user more flexibility - you need to run the apk manually now to enable it
 Added LagFix app which appears to offer snappier transitions, app loading. YMMV - you need to run the apk to enable it. Let it do its thing and give it 2 mins to finish, then reboot (may have to boot manually)
 Updated Es File Explore to latest version
 Updated DropBox to latest version 2.3
 Fixed missing Chrome library so it will install from Play Store correctly
 Updated Ad Blocker HOSTS file to less aggressive January file – 3.2 was blocking too much

Kernel Installer 1.6 – 22 January 2013
 Replaced new stock kernel with modded NoDPI Asus Stock Kernel version Uranus by _that in Kernel Installer

Version 3.2 Full ROM - DEODEX – 20 January 2013
 Fully Rebased and Rebuilt from Asus Stock WW ROM – fully DEODEXED by me
 Includes new modded Asus Stock Kernel version Uranus by _that
 All 5 SKU Bootloaders now available to flash from CleanROM Inheritance 3.2 POST 2 if you want to move to the latest bootloader
 Updated Apex Launcher (my favourite) to version 1.4.2
 Added latest Go Launcher HD v1.19 as an option under launchers
 Added DSP Manager v3 for better equalizer and sound options
 Added Rebooter – which offers extra reboot/shutdown options as well as a kill all apps option so useful for gamers.
 Removed Google Chrome – please download from the play store
 Kept old You Tube that works in Full Screen with Dock (do not update from Play Store)
 Updated Asus Apps (Asus Web Storage & My Bit Cast, to their more recent Play Store versions)
 Updated Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Google Music, Maps & Street View to their more recent Play Store or 4.2.1 Versions)
 Updated Titanium Backup to version
 Updated Ad Blocker HOSTS file to January hosts
 DRM Protected content provider removed as potential battery drain. Nothing seems broken without it….
 All other options and tweaks the same as CROMI 3.1 (APM, Scroll Cache, Fsync, Browser2RAM, SEG patch, etc)
 3 New Kernels added to Kernel Installer 1.5. The new TF700 Asus Stock Kernel by _that and the TF300 and kernels by surdu_petru
Older Versions:
 Kernel Installer 1.4 – 11 January 2013Updated the Kernel Installer for TF300 users. Now includes 2 extra Clemsyn kernels (1.6ghz & 1.7ghz). I have also amended the Unters kernels so that balanced mode scales down correctly to 1.3ghz (before it was stuck on 1.6ghz).Note:There is no harm in TF700 users flashing the 2 TF300 Clemsyn kernels if you want to try some different performance modes. Not much to gain over the other Clemsyn kernels though. Kernel Installer 1.3 – 08 January 2013Updated the kernel installer so that it correctly switches between Clemsyn kernels now. There was a bug before that locked it to whatever the first installed kernel's frequency was even after changing. Thanks to schidddy for noticing! Version 3.1 Full ROM – 07 January 2013Consolidated the 3.0.4 patches into the Full ROMOdexed and Deodexed versions are available – Deodexed feels snappier but Odexed feels smoother  to me ;)Added CIFS (Common Internet File System) module support via 3 new modules (CIFS, MD4 and NLS_UTF8) – This means windows shares and NAS drives are now visable using CIFS Manager and any app capable of seeing mount points. Instructions Here. Steps 1, 2, & 3 are done for you. :)Added the Seeder Entropy Generator patch as an option which allegedly fixes some lagging in games and appsChanged the option in installer to install MyFrame by default as so many people are using it to fix the portrait wallpaper issuesUpdated Titanium Backup to the latest version 5.8.0 which now includes fix for not backing up downloaded mp3 and books from the market Updated EsfileExplorer to latest version Google Chrome to latest version 18.0.1025469 but only works if installed to data/app so that is where it goes from now on. Blame google.Updated Google Street View to latest version Nova Launcher to latest version 2.0 Version 3.0.4 Patch – 20 December 2012Please install 3.0.4 Patch on top of 3.0.3 Full or 3.0.3 patchesLast two patches are now incorporated into Aroma Installer:CROMI Scroll Patch – this enables smoother scrolling for long lists in all apps. May be too fast! :DCROMI APM Patch – this brings back the Advanced Power Menu - includes reboot and reboot to recovery when holding the power menu down.Additional smoothness governor tweak by oM4Uo . Thank you!Updated Titanium Backup to version 5.7.3Updated Apex Launcher to version 1.4.0Updated Google Maps to latest version 6.14.2Removed QuickBoot as not needed due to APN included now  Version 3.0.3 Patch – 18 December 2012Two patches are available.Both or one or the other can be installed depending on your preference.•	CROMI 3.0.3 Scroll Patch – this enables smoother scrolling for long lists in all apps. May be too fast! :D•	CROMI 3.0.3 APM Patch – this brings back the Advanced Power Menu (includes reboot and reboot to recovery) when holding the power menu down. Version 3.0.3 – 16 December 2012FIXED – Bootloop issues introduced in 3.0 and 3.0.1 which were caused when wiping data from recovery. The framework file had become corrupted, so for now I have reset it back to the stock ASUS one. This means you have no APM menu so I have included quick boot for the time being. The scroll cache and mouse pointer fixes were part of this as well so I will redo those later.Added the latest version of the Google Play Store for multiple DPIFixed the Google Now issues by reverting to Asus version. The one from google play doesn’t like being a system app. You will get an update from Google.Downgraded Chrome & Street View so you will get update notices for these. I will fix for the next version.Instead of the Advanced Power Menu I have replaced it with Quick Boot until I can fix the issues that APM caused in 3.0 and 3.0.1  Version 3.0.1 – 15 December 2012Added Advanced Power Menu that was supposed to be in 3.0. <Now removed due to bootlooping issues>  Version 3.0 – 15 December 2012Completely rebuilt from ground up from the ASUS WW versionDeOdexed by me (Odex version will come later)Browser Tweaks applied (Enhanced Touch, Open GL, CPU Load) + New Browser2RAM optionXbox 360 controller spin fix appliedFramework recompiled with scrollable caching disabled Options <Now removed due to bootlooping issues>Framework recompiled with Advanced Power Menu Options <Now removed due to bootlooping issues>Updated Nova Launcher to 1.3.4Updated JB Keyboard option from JB 4.2Updated Adobe Flash Player to version Asus Web Storage to version Chrome to version 18.0.1025469Updated Gmail to version 4.2.1Updated to Google Play Music 4.4.81HUpdated Google Search to version Google Maps to Version 6.14.1Updated Google Calendar to version 201212060Es File Explorer and Titanium Backup both moved from the system to data partitionAdded the special CROMI  Clemsyn 1.3 - 1.8ghz 650GPU Kernel into optionsAdded ADW, JB 4.2 Launcher as well as ASUS Stock Launcher back into installer
• Bootloader: Official Asus Jellybean 4.1.1 bootloader – see link below for installation instructions
• Recovery: TWRP ( seems buggy) or ClockWorkMod Recovery
• Copy ROM to storage (Int or Ext)
• Reboot to Recovery
• OPTIONAL: Wipe data / Factory Reset in Recovery if coming from a non-Stock Rom
• Install ROM
• Choose kernel & Options
• Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
• Reboot to System
• Let the ROM stabilise
• Inherit!

Originally Posted by saugstauber View Post
Hey guys,

I made a video guide how-to unlock your infinity, than install TWRP and flash Clean ROM Inheritance.

I hope it will help some of you who don't have CROMI on their infinity yet

CleanROM Inheritance 3.2.1 Full Resumable Mirror 1

CleanROM Inheritance 3.2.1 Full Resumable Mirror 2

CleanROM Inheritance 3.2.1 Full Mirror 1

CleanROM Inheritance 3.2.1 Full Mirror 3

MD5: 6cb9dc2f1a21f93e10b3dc51aa2addf8


Coming Soon …..

Kernel Only Installer v1.6 - Updated Jan 22, 2013
For those who want to switch Kernels quickly.

The following 14 kernels are included:
TF700: ASUS No DPI Stock Kernel by _that
TF700: Clemsyn 1.5 - 1.8ghz 650GPU Kernel
TF700: Clemsyn 1.3 - 1.8ghz 650GPU Kernel
TF700: Clemsyn 1.3 - 1.5ghz 650GPU Kernel
TF700: Clemsyn 1.5 - 1.8ghz 700GPU 1400mv Kernel
TF700: Clemsyn 1.5 - 1.8ghz 700GPU 1450mv Kernel
TF300: ASUS Stock Kernel by surdu_petru
TF300: ASUS Stock Kernel by surdu_petru
TF300: Unters TF300T Kernel
TF300: Unters TF300T Kernel
TF300: Unters TF300T(G)(L) Kernel
TF300: Unters TF300T(G)(L) Kernel
TF300: Clemsyn 1.6ghz 650GPU Kernel
TF300: Clemsyn 1.7ghz 650GPU Kernel

DOWNLOAD Kernel Installer v1.6

DOWNLOAD Kernel Installer v1.6 Mirror

MD5: bef90e89d6421e8e92cac4d338153461


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