Sac23's Custom S Rom (1.6.2012)

Oringally Published: 11th December 2012, 12:25 PM
Udpated: 8th January 2013, 01:55 AM
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Device: Sprint Galaxy S III
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SAC23 Custom S Rom

*I will make this thread look better later on*

"Thanks to those who have helped: gruesomewolf, chubbzlou, plattypus, socos25, clark44, justinwidebody, leoisright, WasabiWa83, Criskelo,jobnik,bmxerkid954 and whoever else I forgot" -sac23
* will populate this after next release *
Reasons To Run This BAD BOY:
* Sound is incredibly loud!
* Some other hidden little features (Hint: hold MENU or BACK key)
-Stock base modded by gruesomewolf ( thanks)
-volume up to change tracks
-enabled app functionality in mms app
-semi themed
-added hack for better data speeds
-raised "volume" a bit everywhere its very loud
-remapped menu hold to kill apps
-themed and modded systemui
-hold back botton remapped for multi view window (only to skip/change apps on the fly)
-note 2 cam and gallery
-removed bloatware
-added ink effect built in
-battery tweaks
-added dsp manager
-added wifi teather ( thanks trev )
-scrollable wallpaper launcher
-modified settings apk ( thanks clark44 )
-added auto data app
-added mod to force dual-core only screen on but turn 2nd off when screens off ( thanks gruesomewolf )
-added sony tweaks
-added speed tweaks
-added quad care booster thanks leo and team classicnerd
-added google 4.2 keyboard
-and alot more guys the list goes on.....

changelog for v3

- redid whole rom from scratch again
- added Sony sound enhancments (thanks gruesomewolf)
- updated all apps
- fixed battery drain (i hope)
- fixed muti-view window
- adjusted sound
- new note 2 cam modded (thanks jobnik source:
- fixed all message app fcs
- fixed gallery / wallpapers from home settings (thanks frezza)
- added all new colors in ink effect (thanks gruesomwolf)
- added aosp lock screen (thanks gruesomwolf)
- added playstion framework files
- removed data app (was causing to many problems)
- added sprint support back in
- added email app
- added live wallpapers
- mms app icon back to stock
- added s-memo
- added call record support incall (this does not work guys unless u have a kernel that supports it)
- added gmail (pinch to zoom) from 4.2
- cleaned up settings ( thanks gruesome)
- cleaned up rom
- guys theres alot more
- enjoy !!!!


- revert back to stock phone (removes call recording icon)

- revert back to stock camera for now

- and double tap opens 4 choices even google now (thanks eschelon)

- added no compressed mms ( thanks freeza)

- added RemoveExchangeSecurity in stock mail app

- and resuced sound

- added torch on lockscreen (thanks grusomewolf ) ( this is enabled in settings/lockscreen settings)

v5 changelog

- fixed loud sound

- added working snotes

- went back to moded camera with slow motion

- fixed issue i hope with google now

- fixed contacts in message app

- guys recent apps works now press down home botton 4 times and hold

- added in settings ( thanks gruesomewolf )

-- fast dormancy

-- cpu control

-- cpu spy

-- pimp your rom ( thanks )

-- sound enhancments ( thanks Crescendo Xenomorph )

theres alot more ill add to changelog later


changelog v6


- added acid app and sound aprovments ( thanks R-ikfoot, ThilinaC, Kniht47, RizalLovinsSundanesse, Krabappel2548 )

- added and fixed 1080p recording ( thanks jobnik for cam )

- fixed recent/missed calls ( thanks gruesome )

- added new scrips for battery life, cpu ( thanks pikachu01 )

- added battery calibration / cache cleaner to settings also added KTweaker )

- fixed mms send/recive as video

- added quick text in mms app

- added apps to sd in init.d scripts

- added ktoonsez kernel ( thanks ktoonsez ) link :

- added group cast app

- and alot more i dont remeber lol


guys this is how i installed and i got GREAT battery life
go into recovery wipe 3 times each then remove battery then boot back into recovery do all wipes again then flash right after flashing wipe dalvik and cache reboot and enjoyy

guys some battery tweaks to help on battery life

- go into settings/moresettings/mobile networks/network mode and change to cdma only
- change screen timeout to 15 seconds
- screen brightness as low as u can

Screenshots are in post #3

Quick Note:

1) PLEASE, after booting, you will notice no SYSTEMUI (look for status bar), just do a quick reboot before setting up your accounts.
2) Be sure to update all apps following step 1. After ALL updates has successfully installed, reboot once more. You should then experience full speed **Check SUPERSU to make sure the binary is installed**

1) Multi-view is not working right now, but you can still use it to navigate between apps quickly
2) status bar may not show up right away
We (I) do not take any responsibility for any damage you may cause to your device, don't come crying to us if you mess something up.


MD5sum: 5219e00a6a920c30782ffaa04272315a