[RTL] New 2.3.6 JW4 Deodexed + Root + RTL Fix [Mediafire Links = FAST]

Oringally Published: 1st April 2012, 01:29 AM
Udpated: 1st April 2012, 03:56 PM
Category: ROM
Device: Galaxy S I9000
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Description: The stock JW4 released recently with 364MB RAM.

This is Deodexed and rooted.

Please follow the steps for root and RTL fix.

1. Flash Deodexed JW4 (link below) using Odin (link below).

2. Power off the phone and go into download mode and flash the kernel (link below) using ODIN for root and to install RTL.

3. Transfer the RTL fix (link below) file to internal SD and reboot to recovery.

4. Flash RTL fix file from recovery and reboot the phone to have RTL fix working flawlessly.

If you get Force Close on your applications then Wipe Data and Cache to make it fix.

NOTE: You need to install a different keyboard like Swiftkey X to type RTL languages.


1. 2.3.6 Deodexed JW4 7z EXE 147MB OR 2.3.6 Deodexed JW4 RAR 157MB = Both are same, just different compression methods.

2. ODIN with 512 pit

3. JW4 Root Kernel

4. RTL fix


Kernel is CWM
RTL Fix tutorial and support for Madmack
Found the Deodexed rom from a Russian website, don't know the website now


Please comment if it works or any problems you encounter.
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