GT-I9100G Resurrection Remix JB v3.1.2[23/10][AOKP JB B5 (4.1.2)](AROMA+OTA)

Oringally Published: 8th August 2012, 09:29 PM
Udpated: 10th December 2012, 06:08 AM
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Device: Galaxy S II I9100G
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About Resurrection Remix ROM
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Since version 1.2 of Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on AOKP, CM9/10 and original Remix ROM builds, this creates

an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device

Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy!

As of August 5th 2012, Resurrection Remix is now also released for Samsung Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300) devices

Special thanks to the AOKP team, the CM9/10 team, and of course to all the supporters

Included Mods:changelog by Jubakuba

-Center Clock/No clock/Right Clock
-AM/PM display
-AOKP clocks and Digital Clock
-New Wallpapers
-Volume rocker moves cursor when keyboard is open (optional)
-Nova/Stock launcher included
-%1 battery mod and CircleMod battery
-Brightness adjustable via statusbar if auto brightness is disabled. It even shows your current brightness percentage as you slide!
-There's also a "Emergency Broadcast Settings" that allows you to check/uncheck for notifications of "Amber Alerts" and other such Local Emergencies. I personally haven't seen this yet in the other Jelly Builds.
-Change NavBar targets and long-press actions
-Battery Bar
-Change NavBar height
-Volume Panel (Volume Rocker allows you to change ALL volume levels in one Menu)
-Notification Counter
-Disable Boot Animation
-AOKP Statistics
-Device Options (Color Tweaks)
-Led Options (Color and Pulse Rate)
-NFC Polling Mode (NFC with Screen Off or Locked)
-Theme Engine
-Quiet Hours
-T9 Dialer
-Notification Shade Wallpaper Changer (And Transparency)
-Lockscreen Wallpaper Changer
-Wait To Lock Screen
-Volume Wake
-Quick Pin Unlock
-Phone Face-Down Ringer Setting (Silent/Vibrate)
-Headphones Plugged in Ringer Setting (Silent/Vibrate)
-Bluetooth Connection Ringer Setting (Silent/Vibrate)
-Lockscreen Weather
-Performance/Color Settings
-Brightness Control Slider
-Added Device (Color) Settings To Maguro
-Flip Phone To Silence Incoming Call
-NavBar Open/Close Notification Shade Option
-A Plethora of BugFixes and Updated Translations

  • updated to GreenBlob Kernel
  • updated from latest cm10 sources
  • updated latest cm10 kernel
  • updated framwork res ( hdpi)
  • fixes some graphic glitch (gmail etc)
  • middle lockscreen,clock,date weather etc
  • updated trebuchet launcher
  • added cm file manager
  • added 4.2 clock app
  • added 4.2 keyboard
  • fixed A2DP bluetooth connection issues
  • fixed all issues from 3.1.1
  • based and on latest aokp and cm10 JB 4.1.2 sources
  • updated Horse Power kernel
  • updated CM10 kernel
  • upadated latest gapps (included in rom )
  • Custom NavBar for Tablets
  • NavBar widgets are back from ICS
  • Highly customizable Lockscreen Ring targets,
  • Alternate default app picker (like in GB)
  • Menu UI Overflow Toggle
  • Option to disable vibration for Notification expansion
  • RAM Bar in the Recents panel
  • Timeout and instant lock options for Slide lock
  • VPN Traffic amount in human readable formats
  • added cm10 trebuchet launcher and settings edited for RR
  • added resurrection settings (updater,kernel and performans,file mananger ,call settings,alarms,launchers
  • resurrection settings translated in (turkish and deutsch) language
  • added rocket launcher shortcut to settings (hidded jb feature)
  • weather icon informations impoved (day and night )
  • added latest gmail 4.1.2
  • added options to update me (inverted gtalk & orginal gtalk
  • added options to update me (default & resized fonts)
  • added options to update me (bottom ,default,and orginal system ui notifications
  • added x-plore file manager to aroma
  • file manager improved
  • updated inverted gapps
  • and many more improvements
v3.0.9[*]Custom NavBar Ring on tablets[*]Force dual panel view on any device[*]Flip or shake your device to snooze/dismiss the alarm (check alarm settings)[*]Take screenshot from NavBar[*]Enabled USB mass storage emulation[*]Updated from latest cm source[*]Brand new HD weather icons[*]improved scrolling[*]updated default youtube app[*]Update Me Push Notification[/LIST]v3.8LATEST AOKP SOURCES AND RR CHANGELOG
    • updated cm10 kernel (AOKP)
    • Better Ram performance(tweaked)
    • updated latest cm sources
    • improved hw comp /memory leaks
    • hacked and fixed bluetooth (can recieve apk files)
    • SMS QuickReply Default & inverted
    • Stopwatch & Countdown in the Clock app (CM)
    • Expert Calculator functions (Graph, Matrices, etc.) (CM)
    • IME Switcher & Vib/Ring toggle as NavRing target
    • fixed add custom ringtone
    • fixed inverted gtalk issues
    • added bottom and blue default notification planel with middle clock (aroma)
    • Custom Ring targets
    • Allow up to 7 Nav buttons on some devices
    • IME Toggler
    • Hide ADB icon
    • Allow disabling of volume adjust sound
    • Hide signal bars
    • WeatherPanel
    • WiFi & Cell signal text
    • Allow rotation on any device
    • Added back Info-Lines (Weather, Calendar)
    • Menu unlock
    • Alternative music layout
    • updated latest cm10 camera features issues fixed
    • Display full date & time mms
    • Kill all button in Recents panel
    • Backlight settings
    • Tablet UI on any device
    • DPI switcher
    • Custom Vibrations for Phone Calls
    • ADB over network
    • National Data Roaming option
    • Volume music controls
    • LED Brightness control
    • Charging LED
    • Boot animation preview
    • Allow full theming of Contacts & Mms
    • Allow to set color of Digital Clock Widget
    • Power menu options (airplane, screenshot, navbar toggle)
    • Ability to answer calls with hardware Home button
  • -Updated Horse Power Kernel 3.0
  • -Updated inverted pack -added inverted google+
  • -Updated gapps to latest version
  • -Updated superSU
  • -Framework improved totally renewed added holo icons
  • -Aroma installer improved
  • -Weather from cm10
  • -Fixed bluetooth A2DP Connection
  • -HSPA+ Support ( credit to bajee11)
  • -Safe Headset Volume (Prevent Full Volume When You First Plug Your Phones In)
  • -Allow "Touch To Focus" option to have a user-defined time out in Camera
  • -GPS Source (Change Antenna To External Bluetooth Antenna)
  • -User Defined Lockscreen Text Color
  • -Change Clock Color In Status Bar
  • -Disable pattern visibility on lockscreen
  • -Set time before secure lock is activated
  • -Exit to Home on End Call
  • -ADB over WIFI (Settings>Developer Options)
  • -Lockscreen Calendar
  • -Lockscreen Text Weather
  • -Status Bar Weather
  • -Launch Custom App with Click of Weather
  • -Option to unlock device with menu button (Devices with soft/hard key menu buttons)
  • -Option to disable IME switcher
  • -Option to disable volume change sound
  • -Install via Rom Control
  • -Enable 180 degree rotation
  • -Option to add a "Kill all" button to recents menu
  • -Option to unlink ringer and notification volume
  • -Return of down arrow if keyboard is open
  • Renewed aroma installer
  • updated system apks
  • Custom Carrier Text
  • updated RR wallpapers
  • Led Settings Customizable For Individual Applications
  • Safe Headset Volume (Prevent Full Volume When You First Plug Your Phones In)
  • Allow "Touch To Focus" option to have a user-defined time out in Camera
  • GPS Source (Change Antenna To External Bluetooth Antenna)
  • User Defined Lockscreen Text Color
  • Change Clock Color In Status Bar
  • updated camera firmware
  • wake clock fixed
  • updated gapps
  • updated update me
  • fixed navigation buttons on /off
  • Latest merged changelog AOKP & CM10
  • updated cm10 kernel
  • updated rom control
  • updated (phone ,browser,keyboard,camera,email,calendar.mms)
  • many of system files up to date
  • system ui improved
  • more free ram
  • better deep sleep
  • updated inverted apps
  • fixed inverted contact apk
  • updated jb launcher
  • updated from latest cm10 and aokp sources
  • Kernel Choice Added in Aroma (CM10,Horse Power & Twrp )
  • updated system apks
  • fixed deep sleep issue (improved)
  • added new aokp features
  • updated inverted apps
  • updated phone app
  • improved sounds,
  • better battery life (improved)
  • faster gps ,faster wifi, (improved)
  • framework issues fixed
  • and more improvements
  • GPS ,M.DATA and WİFİ improved
  • fixed swipe speak to text
  • fixed notification toogles and date
  • updated build prop
  • updated lib files
  • updated R-wallpepers
  • added apex launcher JB HD theme (aroma)
  • deep sleep & battery life improved
  • and many fixes included in update ,,
  • cm9 volume drop patch not including because causes other unexpected issues
  • based on latest M6 aokp source --see changelog--
  • scrolling improved
  • added updated samsung apps &TW task manager (aroma)
  • ics notes added
  • ics contacts widget added
  • added sony experia launcher (aroma)
  • updated inverted apps
  • 160 dpi phone removed (aroma)
  • updated browser

1.- Wipe data / factory reset (mandatory if you coming from ICS version or another ROM)
2.- Install the Main ROM
3.- In AROMA installer select "Custom Installation"
4.- Choose depending of your taste
5.- When AROMA installer finish untick the "Reboot Now" option
6.- When you're back on recovery go to Advanced
7.- Wipe Dalvik Cache
8.- Fix Permissions
9.- Wipe Cache Partition
10.- Reboot

IMPORTANT: If you come from another ROM, have some issues or want a really clean installation then follow the 'Extended steps to install the ROM' featured on the General FAQ

Installation Files


- FMradio
- Bluetooth media share
-Missıng some Rom Control features (updating by releases)

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