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for the Evo 4G LTE!

MeanROM ICS goals:
  1. To be clean: mostly stock look and feel of ICS/Sense 4
  2. To be mean: apply dual core and other tweaks to run the ICS base to its maximum potential
  3. To be nice: provide cool functionality not present in the stock base

Thanks Josh for the videos:
Video review of MeanROM ICS 0.8
MeanROM ICS v4.4 Installation Video

New in 6.5 (details in changelog in post 2):
  • Fixed a bug in the messaging app where # preview lines does not stick
  • Added 4 and 5 line previews to the messaging app
  • Updated numerous core apps

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QBKing77's video review

Section I: ROM specs

The clean:
  • Based on 2.13.651.1 RUU deodexed
  • Working: everything
  • Not working: nothing (that I know about... you tell me)

The mean:
  • Mean 1.73 Ghz kernel is "super stock": close to stock for reliability, OC for speed (thanks Zarboz for being my tutor!)
  • Performance and my awakenings tweaks
  • Dual core performance when screen is on for ultra-smooth experience
  • Single core underclocked when screen is off for incredible battery life at idle!
  • New kernel with enhanced sweep modes (see post 3 for config info):
  • Sweep2sleep: with screen on, swipe right to left to turn screen off
  • Sweep2power: with screen on, swipe left to right for power menu (simulated 2.5 second power button hold)
  • Sweep2snap: with screen on: swipe left to right and press Home within 2 seconds for a screen snap
  • Sweep2wake: with screen off: swipe left to right to turn screen on (disabled by default for better battery life)
  • Phantom volume down: with screen on, touch between back and home for vol-down one notch
  • Phantom volume up: with screen on, touch between home and recent apps for vol-up one notch
  • Sweep2mute: with screen on, swipe from home to back for vol full down (vibrate)
  • Sweep2loud: with screen on, swipe from home to recent apps for max volume
  • Sweep2skipback: with screen off, swipe from home to back to skip back a track (when listening to music)
  • Sweep2skipforward: with screen off, swipe from home to recent apps to skip forward a track (when listening to music)
  • sweep2deepsleep: sweep right to left with screen off to temporarily disable screen-off sweeps
  • zeppelinrox multitasking tweaks (hidden app limit and "stale task" killing fix)

The nice:
  • HTC/ICS fix: fixed data (WiFi/3G) disconnect between 12am and 7am (my guide here)
  • HTC/ICS fix: fixed incorrect SMS/MMS time stamp when roaming
  • HTC/ICS fix: fixed off-center chopped off numbers on calculator
  • HTC/2.13 fix: fixed FC when selecting Dropbox album from gallery (thanks il Duce/Steal25)
  • HTC/2.13 fix: fixed FC when deleting multiple drafts in messaging app
  • OTA Updater for quick and easy ROM updates
  • Haus's s-on kernel installer. Mega thanks to Haus for this: flash kernels via TWRP with no extra steps while s-on!
  • "Complete action using" app selections are back (credit Steal25/il Duce)
  • Modified Sense 4.5 camera (credit lyapota for the base)
  • Modified Beats and sound enhancer mods (credit lyapota for the base)
  • 5-in-1 power menu w/recovery and bootloader options (adapted from vinchenzop's mod)
  • Google Now! (credit the Google Now for ICS project: links in this thread)
  • Extended Quick Settings (true Android 4.0.4 Sense 4.1 QS from modified One X base)
  • HTC Notes
  • Mirror app
  • Browser mods: up to 15 open pages, plus full debug settings w/UA string, etc. (guide by SteelH)
  • Exchange ActiveSync "Sync While Roaming" can now be enabled including push (update schedule) while roaming
  • HTML message format unlocked in Exchange Mail settings
  • Exchange mail security disabled (credit TommyB231: Tommy thanked me too... did we create an infinite thanks loop?)
  • Custom MMS mods w/500K, 1M, and 5M choices for max size (sizes in /system/customize/mns/default.xml)
  • Screen on with new SMS/MMS (configurable: see post 3)
  • Camera mods: Enable/disable shutter sound, enable ISO 1250, and higher quality JPEG saving
  • Full press of camera button to wake
  • Use a half press of the camera shutter for Search
  • Stronger haptic feedback for capacitive buttons (like previous base)
  • Long press volume to skip tracks (credit one_love_420 and metalhead8816)
  • Disabled MMS compression (guide by SteelH)
  • MMS over WiFi (credit Team Xposed and SteelH)
  • "Roam Only" option in mobile network settings (credit Synergy/freeza)
  • Accurate 1x/3G indicator (credit SteelH)
  • Capacitive buttons on/dim with screen: no flashing on/off while in use
  • Increased visible recent apps to 16 (credit Steal25)
  • 4x5 rosie option flashable in MeanROM-ICS folder on SD card
  • Elevated launcher priority completely eliminates Sense (rosie) reloading
  • Added animated sync icon (credit eg1122)
  • New super-sharp circular battery meter is easier to read (credit vertigone)
  • Working Google Wallet
  • Facebook (and other third party app) contact photo fix (credit troyboytn)
  • WiFi Tether: use "Generic ICS" device type and check routing fix and MMS clamping
  • Flashlight
  • ES File Explorer
  • DSP Manager
  • No location/GPS icon (guide by SteelH)
  • init.d support
  • Ringtones and notifications from both the Evo 4G LTE and Evo 3D included

Credit where credit is due:
As with any open source stuff, some of this work is my own, most of it comes from other sources. So in addition to my own work (mostly in the "mean" category), here's a quick thanks to those of you who contributed knowingly (thank you) and not-so-knowingly via open source 5 finger discount (thank you just the same: your stuff is good and that's why I used it). Sometimes it's not entirely obvious where the source started so if I missed someone, please let me know and I'll add you. Also, I'm careful to only include other work where the author does not specify any usage restrictions or has given approval. If you believe, however, that I've included something that shouldn't be in this ROM, please just PM me.

Credit flex360 and Captain Throwback for pulling and deodexing the stock base

Want my stuff?:
If you see something in this ROM and I don't reference some other source, I probably coded it myself. If you want it: take it and use it in your ROM, your theme, whatever you like. I just ask that you please credit me. I'm a firm believer in Android and open source so you don't even have to ask. Anything you see here... it's yours for just the price of a simple line crediting me. I always share as I believe that's the way we developers put the power in Android... and one way we can fight "the Apple brainwashing machine".

Section II: Some notes on updating and flashing

Below are some pointers on updating your firmware, installing recoveries, modding, etc. before we get to the good stuff (installation and downloads).

While it is possible to use LazyPanda with MeanROM ICS 1.3, I no longer recommend using MeanROM when trying to achieve s-off: using the bone stock 1.13 ROM is the best way to eliminate problems that will cause you to have to unbrick the phone because the LazyPanda process depends on your ROM being as close to stock as possible, else the panda can't find its bamboo.

How to adjust some parameters like performance-vs-battery, screen on with new SMS, etc.

See post 3 below


See post #2

Problems after you flash?:

PLEASE DO NOT REPORT PROBLEMS IN THIS THREAD UNTIL you've done a full wipe and fresh install to see if that cures it. I know I should really just do like most devs and proclaim REQUIRES FULL WIPE/FRESH INSTALL on every version. That saves me a lot of headaches but I know what a PITA a fresh install can be even with MyBackup or Titanium at your disposal. So it never hurts to try just a flash without a full wipe, but if you run into any HINT of a problem... anything at all... don't report the problem in this thread until you've tried a full wipe and fresh install first to see if that cures the problem!

Note regarding tweaks: don't flash tweaks or themes on top unless you KNOW the tweak/theme is compatible with the ICS framework (as of this writing, most are NOT compatible - ask the developer.

How to flash

Thanks QBKing77 for this awesome installation video!

Installation - a final note:

First, the usual disclaimers. I supply the ammo, you use it. ROMS don't kill phones, n00bs do. Use this ROM at your own risk as I won't be responsible for bricks or any other untoward happenings. I spent a lot of time ensuring that the stuff in this ROM is fast, smooth, and compatible. But... it always helps to have some familiarity with flashing ROMs to keep yourself safe.

Section III: Installation

Download links are below, but before flashing any custom ROM, make sure you do it right or you could brick the NFC chip in your phone (and Google Wallet)

The latest firmware (radio, etc.) is required. Check the firmware by pressing Menu while on your home screen, choose "Settings", "About" (bottom of list), "Software Information", "More". If your baseband is less than 1.12, you have old firmware and should update else you could have problems with your data connection, reboots, etc. If you're s-off, you can flash the firmware via one of the 2.13 firmware threads here at XDA (if you're s-off, my bet is you've already done this or certainly know how). If you're s-on, you'll have to flash the latest RUU to get the firmware but be aware that this will update your hboot. Not a problem if you plan to stay s-on, so if that's the route you've chosen, here are instructions on how to update your firmware before flashing this ROM.

s-off installation
  1. Always make a Nandroid backup before installing anything on your phone!
  2. On first install of MeanROM ICS, do a full wipe (at least a factory reset)
  3. Subsequent updates: no wiping necessary BUT...
  4. If you have any trouble at all, do a full wipe and then reinstall
  5. Install using TWRP recovery (again, s-off recommended)
  6. After the first boot on a fresh install, go to "Menu", "Settings", "Power" and UNcheck "Fast Boot". When you reboot or power off the phone, you really want it to reboot/power-off. This can save you a lot of headaches.

s-on installation
Note that with s-on, TWO things must be flashed separately: the ROM ZIP and the kernel inside that ZIP. Starting with MeanROM ICS 4.0, the built in kernel installer (thanks Haus) will take care of this without any extra work on your part: just flash with TWRP! Follow the instructions below, however, so you'll know what to expect because there are some pauses and an extra reboot involved whenever the kernel in the ROM is updated.
  1. Boot to TWRP recovery (hold vol down and press power for 1 second while you continue holding vol down until you see the bootloader, then choose "recovery")
  2. Always make a Nandroid backup before installing anything on your phone!
  3. On first install of MeanROM ICS, do a full wipe (at least a factory reset)
  4. Subsequent updates: no wiping necessary BUT...
  5. If you have any trouble at all, do a full wipe and then reinstall
  6. In TWRP recovery, choose "Install" and locate the ROM ZIP you downloaded.
  7. If the kernel you are currently running is the same as the one in the ROM (most of the time it will be), it'll flash quickly and you can click "Reboot System" and you're done.
  8. If the kernel has changed (as it did in MeanROM ICS 4.0), it'll sit on "Installing kernel, please wait..." for up to 5 minutes! Please be patient: that's the kernel installer doing its thing.
  9. After the 4-5 minute pause, the script will complete and say done. Click "Reboot System" in TWRP at this point.
  10. When booting the first time, the "MeanROM" boot animation will freeze momentarily and the phone will reboot once more. This is normal: the kernel just got installed!
  11. Once the additional reboot has been done, the phone will boot normally. Again, keep in mind that the extra reboot only happens when the kernel in the ROM is updated, so it won't happen every time!
  12. If you use OTA Updater (built in to the ROM) to update, steps 6-11 above happen automagically but the same delay and extra reboot will still happen whenever there's a kernel update.
  13. After the first boot on a fresh install, go to "Menu", "Settings", "Power" and UNcheck "Fast Boot". When you reboot or power off the phone, you really want it to reboot/power-off. This can save you a lot of headaches.

s-on additional notes[*]If you have a new phone and are starting from scratch, use these instructions to unlock your phone and install TWRP recovery. These instructions work for all current software including the latest 2.13. Follow all steps up through and including step 28, except in step 25, use the latest openrecovery*.img file from here instead of the old 2.1.8 version listed on the page. Once you successfully complete step 28, you can boot to recovery and install MeanROM.[*]If you've already unlocked via the HTC method above and you already have TWRP recovery installed, use the above instructions but if you have any trouble, here are instructions on how to manually install the ROM and kernel separately.[*]Have trouble after trying to flash s-on: reread the s-on instructions above and be sure to follow each step. If you have done that and still have trouble, try this info.[*]Updating your firmware to the 2.13 RUU is another story altogether so I'll leave the firmware/radio updates to other threads.[/LIST]
A note about dirty flashing on the latest 2.13 base (MeanROM 3.5 and up)

I've noticed that while some people have gotten away with dirty flashing from a ROM on the prior base (1.22) to MeanROM ICS 3.5 or later (the new 2.13 base), the majority are having problems in one way or another trying to dirty flash MeanROM ICS 3.5 or later for the first time. Even restoring data or just apps from MyBackup Pro or Titanium is causing problems in some cases, latent issues where home screens rearrange after wiping dalvik/cache, and other problems. My recommendation if you are installing MeanROM 3.5 or later for the first time is to do a factory reset, install the ROM, and then only restore things that you cannot recover via other means like SMS/MMS and maybe an app or two that is no longer available on the market and you have no way to reinstall. And sure, go ahead and restore data for a game you don't want to start over... my point is to only restore things you know you can't via reinstalling and setting up from scratch. Otherwise, do a fresh install the first time to MeanROM ICS 3.5 or later, reinstall your apps by getting them from the market again and setting them up, and then after you've installed any version 3.5 or later, you can dirty flash future versions after that.

Note: TWRP recommended, but if you have trouble flashing, go back to TWRP 2.2.2.

Latest stable releases:
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Android File Host link to latest 6.5

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