[7/7/2012] AOKP KF Edition Milestone 6

Oringally Published: 23rd April 2012, 02:11 AM
Udpated: 8th July 2012, 06:06 PM
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I present to you AOKP for the Kindle Fire
Milestone 6

Let me start off by giving thanks to some people that have made this possible.
Team Kang:
Jonathon Grigg
Khas Mek

And a big thanks to Hashcode who has made a 3.0 kernel for this great piece of hardware!

Major changes since Milestone 5
  • Removed FB sync
  • Added ability to hide sender and/or message body in notifications (Mms)
  • Added CM9 T-Mobile theme manager
  • Added Sense 4 style Task switcher (you have the option of choosing from stock/web os/sense 4 now)
  • Added ability to play boot sound (disabled by default) -- read instructions in ROM Control >
  • General > Boot sound
  • added delayed ring feature to Phone
  • added Emoji to Mms (enable in Mms settings)
  • added AOKP wallpapers app
  • added USB tether toggle,
  • added AOKP clock widgets
  • added notification counters
  • new boot animation
  • added nav bar widgets (must add nav bar widgets button/long press button in nav bar settings and add some widgets to play with!)
  • added AOKP stats (www.stats.aokp.co) -- you can opt out
  • added bluewall firewall - RC > General UI > Less Notification Sounds -- limits the number of notification sounds an app can play per X seconds, so like 1 GTalk ping/30s, but notifications will still be coming in
  • improved weather code
  • added "copy to clipboard" option in "Share" dialogs throughout Android
  • added hardware info in about screen
  • added new music layout to lockscreen (you can choose between old and new)
  • added nfc toggle
  • added nfc polling settings (Settings > More > NFC polling mode)
  • made lockscreen weather prettier
  • fixed DRM issues
You can find more info about ALL the changes at http://rootzwiki.com/topic/29314-milestone-6/

So what makes this build different from the stock (no longer supported) ROM? Well here's a list of features I've added:

System UI
  • Added volume slider w/mute to the status bar settings panel for quick access to system volume level
  • Added a screenshot button, which can be enabled in ROM Control, to allow quick access taking a screenshot of current screen.

  • Added an easy access settings button at top right of home screen
  • Added dual docks - now you can use up some of that empty space by placing apps and shortcuts into these two docks for quick access to these apps on any home screen

ROM Control
  • Added screenshot button which can be added to the navbar buttons
  • Added settings for changing location of the volume slider in the stats bar settings panel

At this time I have not found any issues with the ROM. If you find a problem/issue/bug please let me know what it is and how to re-create the problem. Working with the source is far easier than the work I have done with MIUI so I have much more control over the issues.

AOKP for Kindle Fire - Milestone 6
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