[Neo]=- Xperia Ultimate HD™ 2.0.3 -= [ ↹ The Ultimate HD™ Experience ↹ ]

Oringally Published: 21st October 2012, 02:27 AM
Udpated: 7th January 2013, 02:16 PM
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Device: Xperia Neo
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I'm Proudly presenting you one of the smartest and most popular ROMs for Sony Xperia Neo

Xperia Ultimate HD

Big Thanks to otaupdatecenter.pro, goo.im and d-h.st for hosting my Over-The-Air updates.

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>> Beautiful User Interface | Blazing Fast | Great Battery Life | Super Stable | Great Support & Very Popular <<

User Experience with Xperia Ultimate HD™


"This ROM is just supernova, just 10.000 galaxys better than other ROMs, and I tried every ROM, keep it up bro with this amazing ROM "
Pandemic Recognized Contributor

"Almost a week on this Rom and unbelieveibly my phone hasn't slowed down or lagged or done anything stupid. The best Rom broo respect and thumbs up "


Chuck Norris

"I used CyanogenMod 10 for months, and I can confirm that this ICS ROM is much smoother.
Compare this to Jelly Sandwich with the fake Android 4.2 logo."
sdk16420 Recognized Contributor

"It is the best ROM for arc. My arc is reborn. Wow"
Paoul conetta

"The speed is amazing, the ROM is fantastic, the best ever....
I love this upgrade, thanks Jader"

"This is BY FAR the best Neo V ROM every in XDA. Thanks to Jader ... you are a son of a gun... "

"Pretty nice ROM, enjoying it."
dinesh690 Recognized Contributor

"EXCELLENT Rom. So Awesome! Simply THE BEST..."

"Very good job jader....this v2 is the best rom ever...."

"Jader, this is gold."

"This has been a excellent experience. I'm loving using this rom. Fast. Slick. Precise."

"Best ROM ever!"

"This Rom is just amazing. Incredibly fast, smooth, well balanced and sleek UI. Very good work!"

"My Arc S just took off my hands! It flies for real, Brilliant job and many thanks to Jader "

"This ROM is so Amazing, its my favorite one of all times "


Xperia arc S itselfs is a great phone. But with the Ice Cream Sandwich update, sony added a lot of functions, and the phone wasn't able to handle this correctly. The Consequence was a heavy lag everywhere, and almost all games were unplayable. Now, with the latest Xperia Ultimate HD it turns your phone into an racing car. Blazing Fast User Interface, no lags while playing games, and an great battery life are only a few reasons why to choose Xperia Ultimate HD. If you are flashing a ROM the first time, this ROM is perfect for you. Its not just super cool, no, its also easy to install and customize. Choose what you want with AROMA Installer, and customized your installation like you want it. If your having a problem, just post in the help threads. And the best thing is: It supports all 2011 Xperia. This ROM is very user-frienldy, easy to customize and has a bunch of amazing features, you never did exspect. With this ROM your getting a blazing fast xperience including project butter. And the good thing is, that xLoud, Bravia Engine and HDMI is all fully working. Now for what your waiting? Go & Install this NOW.
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  • Based on .587 Ice Cream Sandwich with AROMA Installer
  • Blazing Fast, Super Stable and great Battery Life
  • Busybox/Deodexed/Prerooted/Zipaligned
  • Balanced Tweaks for amazing speed and battery life
  • Supporting Complete 2011 Xperia
  • Android Open Source Project Lockscreen, Jelly Bean-styled
  • Complete Framework Mod
  • Updated Icons and User Interface
  • New Bootanimation and James Bond Sounds
  • Over-The-Air Updates, Xperia Ultimate HD Wallpapers and own Themes + Eastereggs
  • Advanced Settings with System Updates and Onscreenbuttons Control
  • Android Jelly Bean Google Play
  • 100% Bloatware-Free
  • Notification LED Fixed
  • Lots of tweaks and improvements, Project Butter
  • Xperia S Walkman, Xperia T Launcher, Xperia V Album & Movies
  • Xperia T Notes and Xperia Sola Keyboard
  • Jelly Bean Sounds and Emjoys, Animations and Fonts
  • Tweaked Camera and updated libs
  • Tabbed Statusbar
  • Jelly Bean Adreno Libs
  • Support for Multi-Lang