CM7-APOCALYPSE-FINAL [09.07.12] [FireKernel OC]

Oringally Published: 9th June 2012, 11:40 AM
Udpated: 10th July 2012, 01:48 PM
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Device: Galaxy Ace S5830
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Version... 09072012 FINAL --> CHECK 2ND POST
Created by... itasoulas
Based On... CM7 Official Nighty 01072012
Date Pilot Version Added On XDA... 09-06-12
Changelog For Updated Versions + older versions links... on 2nd post


After the success of MIRACLE V4, now comes... APOCALYPSE! Based on latest CyanogenMod 7.2 RC3 by vo-1, APOCALYPSE was modded in order to satisfy the majority of users concerning both looks and performance. It wasn't an easy task as the level since MIRACLE V4 was already set high. APOCALYPSE exceeds that level! And for that, a lot of people contributed, some with their desire to help by making things and some with their own mods in other threads from which I took the opportunity to adapt their work in this rom. So please read the thanks section at the end of this post to find out who those people are. To end this, I suggest you read carefully what I write cause I do this in order to help you and save you time for asking questions. Welcome to APOCALYPSE!


CAUTION: All things written here were made to help you install the rom and extras the right way and also point at bugs or other things. So please read so as to avoid asking questions that already have answers. Keep thread clean!


Screenshots including ICS Layouts and personal adjustments

Full ROM Specifications:

Visual Elements
-- bootanimation created especially for APOCALYPSE
-- ICS-Style Settings Menu
-- modded ICS Transparent Theme
-- centered clock
-- status bar supports transparency
-- 50% trans-black lockscreen styles (sliding tabs, rotary, lens)
-- bubble locksreen style by Team Carbon/Steel Blue Theme
-- blue lockscreen buttons by Team Carbon/Steel Blue Theme
-- contacts list image by Team Carbon/Steel Blue Theme
-- usb mount image by Team Carbon/Steel Blue Theme
-- sansation font

-- Holo Home Launcher
-- Blue Torch
-- Mms by nims11's modded with transparency by me
-- QuickPic as default image viewer
-- Google Play Store 3.5.19
-- Superuser v3.0.7(41)

-- deodex
-- firekernel OC by dragonnn
-- JIT, Surface Dithering and Prurging of Assets disabled
-- dalvik.vm.heapsize raised to 64m as in stock roms
-- optimised signal tweaks for ACE
-- wireless speed tweaks
-- media stagefright tweaks for faster video streaming
-- graphics enhancement tweaks
-- power saving tweaks
-- dialing tweaks
-- performance+various tweaks
-- journaling is disabled at boot
-- tweaked GPS configuration for optimum results
-- deleted some unwanted system apps

-- 30steps volume mod
-- beats audio (v2.07) + alsa + AudioFX Widget for superd sound and bass
-- Real Player Beta (100% free - browse your photos and videos from within the app while listening to music - app's widgets are awesome!)


Installation Procedure - Step 1 (rom)
1. bοοt into CWM5 Recovery
2. wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik
3. format cache/data/system/sd-ext
5. flash APOCALYPSE-17.06.12
5. reboot and complete the setup wizard
NOTE 1: At this stage you probably won't see the status bar. Reboot again to show up or plugin your usb mount cable
NOTE 2: At this stage you probably won't a wallpaper. Choose one with QuickPic

Installation Procedure - Step 2 (ICS Layouts)
1. Reboot into CWM5
2. mount system, flash Layouts APOCALYPSE-patch and reboot
NOTE: After phone boots, status bar is gone, theme is also changed. Don't worry
3. Reboot phone into CWM5 again
4. mount system, flash Layouts APOCALYPSE-undo and reboot
5. Reboot phone into CWM5 one last time
6. mount system, flash Layouts APOCALYPSE-patch, reboot

Finishing GPS Set-Up
1. go to system/etc/gps.conf
2. use root explorer, long press that file and open with text editor
3. replace "europe" with your region according to this guide
4. Save file, no permissions needs to be changed. The .bak file can be safely deleted

NOTE: You can check 2nd and 3rd post for hints and tips, benchmarks, bugs and extras


Credits and thanks to:
XDA for allowing me to present my work
Cyanogen for rom/sources
VO-1 for rom
draggonnn for FireKernel OC
imbawind for Adrenaline Engine
iandol for his help on improving Adrenaline Engine
happily1986 for GPS configuration
Achep for ICS Theme and ICS Layouts
Team Carbon for lockscreen buttons/rings, blue torch images, usb mount image + contacts list icon from Steel Blue Theme
MrDSL for Phone Options Menu Icons taken from Mixer Theme
nims11 for Mms from his Gingercruzt Rom
UOT Kitchen Team for online UOT Kitchen Tools
RockDev for (MOD)Beats Audio(2.3+up)
contradictor from 4pda for beats audio engine
Lovetz for combining ALSA with beats audio in one file
namakerorin for AudioFx Widget
RealNetworks, Inc. for RealPlayer® Beta
Twisted Apps for Wallpaper Wizardrii™
ra3al for XPERIA S Home Launcher
balamu96m for ICS-Style Settings Tutorial
paravoz.98 for 30volume steps mod
Bernd Montag for sansation font
gbueno6 for PDroid Patch (check 4rth post)
mobint for Holo Launcher in 17.06.12 update
rgponce for fixing sansation font in 17.06.12 update
lousou76 + P4qui7o for mms in 17.06.12 update
itasoulas (that's me) for:
-- making bootanimation
-- patching apps/framework with ICS Layouts
-- modding Mms with transparency
-- modding ICS Theme
-- centered clock and transparency on status bar
-- modding locksreen styles in UOT Kitchen
-- modding torch
-- integrating firekernel in APOCALYPSE
-- editing build.prop
-- editing framework
-- editing sansation light font for proper look in lockscreen
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