MIRACLE V4 [04.05.12] [Blackhawk OC Kernel]

Oringally Published: 5th April 2012, 08:19 PM
Udpated: 28th May 2012, 02:14 PM
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Device: Galaxy Ace S5830
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Project... MIRACLE
Current Version... 4 (full version)
Date Added on XDA... 04.05.12
Based on... CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 by vo-1 (24.04.12) - Thanks dude for allowing me to mod this. You're awesome!
Modded by itasoulas

Download MIRACLE V4 (with BLN + Video REC Bugs FIXED+30volume steps) via Mediafire
BLN FIX FOR THOSE ALREADY DOWNLOADED V4: Extract the 3 files on this zip on sd-card. Copy/Paste files in system/lib/hw and change permissions to rw-r--r--. Reboot phone. BLN Free and PRO works now!
VIDEO REC FIX FOR THOSE ALREADY DOWNLOADED V4: Check this post by verboten999
A great ROM.. An excellent MOD as most said...the end of a journey... THE BIRTH OF MIRACLE V4
After 3 versions of MIRACLE, my quest has finally come to an end! It was a great experience modding this great rom by vo-1. I tried to tweak this rom and make it as good as it can be. I really think that it can't get any better than this. MIRACLE V4 was done with lots of love and long hours of reading and testing. I tried to examine all aspects of its functionality with my poor knowledge but very carefully. Personally, I am satisfied with the outcome but that's just an objective matter. There will not be a feature version of this rom as I need to start enjoying my phone after almost a year I got it. I also need to spent more time with my two daughters, I really need some sleep and... you know what? I think MIRACLE V4 is good enough and will be used for quite some time by many. Thanks all for you kind words and support, it's been a blast all this. Maybe I'll start a new project but not after a very long time. Start using V4, I stronlgy suggest you upgrade to this version. Enjoy your ACE!

NOTICE 1: MIRACLE V4 works excellent the way it is. It has not been tested with other kernels, mods and tweaks. So I am not held responsible if you do such actions and mess things up. It already includes a lot of tweaks, so adding more will probably not have the desired results. Of course, messing with some tweaks values will not do any harm as long as you know what are you doing. PureMotive's Battery Mod has not been included as most of his tweak already exist in Adrenaline Engine. Also bare in mind that after applying ICSLayouts you canít use any zipthemer or metamorph patches, otherwise you will end up with problems. But if you really want to, just flash the undo zip to get rid of the layouts and then use such patches.

NOTICE 2: I wanted to make MIRACLE V4 just the way it is... a barebone rom. The rom is what it is. Do not ask questions why I didn't include this or that. If I wanted, I would have done that. I give you the freedom to do whatever you want with this rom. I have included though all original deodexed apps of this version in one zip which you can find at the end of this thread and by following tutorial in 2nd post you can easily replace them. Eventually I can't satisfy each and everyone in here. After all, this is my mod! I would also like to ask you to not spam this thread with questions that need to be asked in other forums of ACE.

Changelog from V3 to V4:
Note: Original V3 thread moved to 3rd post

Visual Elements
-- New bootanimation made exclusively for MIRACLE V4. Lightweight, consists only of 4 frames!
-- ICS Theme by Achep updated to latest 032-build-408, modded by nutellabanane's with power widget buttons having toggles below them. I then downscaled them for not looking so big. I also modded Phone Options menu icons in this.
-- All locksreen styles (sliding tab, rotary, lense, ring) changed to SteelBlue.
-- Holo ring style was downscaled from 126x126 to 110x110
-- Clockopia font (lockscreen clock) changed to true ICS font

-- updated sources as MIRACLE V4 is based on new vo-1's rom
-- deleted Governor tweaks and prop tweaks in S98system_tweak
-- all tweaks are now in build.prop
-- JIT, Surface Dithering and Prurging of Assets are now disabled by default for performance. Some tweak the last on, but I believe is better off
-- optimised signal tweaks for ACE after lots of stydying
-- added media stagefright tweaks for faster streamin of videos
-- dalvik.vm.heapsize raised to 64m as in most stock roms
-- changed some values in already existed tweaks existed in V3
-- new gps.conf by happily1986
-- all tweaks/scripts checked and working
-- 30 volume steps by R4Ck

-- Torch is back! Eventually this is quite handy in status bar
-- LiiveWallpapersPicker is back! This does not consume phone resources if you have a normal wallpaper on. But if you need to set a live wall, it's there.

-- CM7 hw libraries replaced by stock XXKPT libraries as inV3
-- status bar supports transparency as in V3
-- adrenaline engine is still version 3.0
-- still a barebone rom
-- fast, stable

Tests and Benchmarks (sreens available)

-- WiFi: speed, pings
-- Bluetooth: works fine!
-- 3G/Data: speed, pings
-- GPS: tested witn GPS Test Plus and GPS Status
-- Media Streaming: Tested watching live Greek TV. Absolutely amazing.
-- Sensors: tested with AndroSensor and while on call. All works well
-- Antutu, Quadrant and SQLite benchmarks: ACE is still in the game, phone works well!
-- Scripts: All checked with Script Manager, no errors, all executable and doing their job
-- Games: Not a gamer but checked 2-3 of them. Angry Birds Space runs very good!

Installation procedure
1. Βοοt into CWM5 Recovery
2. wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache/dalvik
3. format cache/data/system/sd-ext
4. flash MIRACLE
5. reboot
6. almost done!
7. Finalize GPS configuration by following TURORIAL 6 or 7 - 2nd post.
8. Now it's done...enjoy!

Screenshots - Including ICSLayouts+Customisation Settings

Screenshots - Benchmarks

-- ICSLayouts for MIRACLE V4: MediaFire
-- All Originan System Apps: MediaFire
-- secgps.conf file: Mediafire
-- Some new walls: Mediafire
-- ICSTheme Original - 60% Transparency on Status Bar: I modded the same version already included in V4 to have 60% transparency if you want to use that with launchers that support transparency. I made it to 60% and not less cause icons color in status bar is such that does not look very nice if used with light-colored wallpapers Mediafire
-- PDRoid Patch for V4 made by curtisf08: PDroid PATCH + PDroid RESTORE Thanks!
-- ICSTheme Transparent - NoTransparency on Status Bar: Modded transparent ICS Theme by Achep with no transparency on status bar but with power buttons toggles and colored icons on Phone Options Menu Mediafire Added on 20.05.12
-- ICSTheme Transparent - 25% Transparency on Status Bar: Modded transparent ICS Theme by Achep with 25% transparency on status bar, with power buttons toggles and colored icons on Phone Options Menu. Due to icons color on status bar, this one can look very nice with dark wallpapers Mediafire Added on 20.05.12

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Credits - Thanks tο (for all versions)
:: XDA for allowing me to present my mod
:: Cyanogen(mod) for sources/rom
:: vo-1 for ROM
:: ketut for Blackhawk Kernel
:: lagloose for GPS and Sensors Patch
:: imbawind for Adrenaline Engine
:: Achep for ICS Theme and ICS Layouts
:: iandol for pointing out how to edit 05mountsd
:: Renan Lazarotto for pointing out how to edit build.prop and set default theme chooser theme
:: Steve0007 for Google Play Music link
:: evilisto for Chroma HD Wallpaper
:: MrDSL for Phone Options Menu Icons taken from Mixer Theme
:: edint3000 for lockscreen buttons+styles taken from SteelBlue Theme
:: LPFinch for frameworkmod (30volume steps)
:: happily1986 for gps configuration
:: nutellabanane for modding the ICS Theme's power buttons with toggles. Thanks dude!
:: verboten999 for fixing video rec bug in V4
:: R4Ck for 30volume steps mod in V4

Also members xxfamasxx, tamingsari2k, P4qui7o, mor_1228, Tovagulet and many others for their support
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