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Description: Original Post By paul-xxx.
*Credit goes to him as I did nothing ,just sharing what I've tested and works amazingly to this forum. Please give him a thank !

Originally Posted by paul-xxx View Post
Hi guys.
Here almost real SRS Audio Effects
Non fake same Beats Audio, Dolby Mobile and other stupid collecting files.

Whats need:
1) Android 4.0.1 or High, On 2.3 no work don't try!
2) Remove some old libs and apps
-- 1. /system/lib/soundfx/ and remove (If you have here)
-- 2. /system/lib/soundfx/ and remove (If you have here)
-- 3. /system/app/ and remove DSPManager.apk (If you have here)
-- 4. /system/app/ and remove MusicFX.apk (If you have here)
3) Unpack all files from to /system/. Or just flash zip pack.

Here contain:
- SRS TrueBass
- Android Equalizer
- Android Normalizer
- EQ Pressets
- SRS Panel (Patched MusicFX)

For improve sound need patch audio.primary aka libaudio:

Look my addition:
From here
To here
And do with your lib same

Please if you copy here to other thread or include in to rom, please add my credits


** Tested on CM9 By Maclaw, works better than beats audio !

To activate it, go music , play a song , menu > Sound Effects
Then you should see a 'SRS Panel' at the title there, activate it.
Preset there choose 'SRS Extreme'

My opinion:
Set 'SRS WOW' to max
Set 'SRS TrueBASS' to 30%

**How if this don't work ?
1. Reboot CWM, mount /system and flash again
2.After flashing, use Root Explorer , go /system/app , find SRSPanel.apk and install it.
3. Now your SRS should be working !
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