Oringally Published: 4th September 2012, 10:44 AM
Udpated: 27th November 2012, 04:07 PM
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Device: Galaxy Tab
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Description: My CM10 build for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" P1000/N/L/ (CDMA? testers?).
Based on the SGT7 repo (cdesai, sbradymobile and humberos).
Here is @cdesai's original thread.

Alroger's downloads (info, tips and troubleshooting included)
Humberos's downloads (you can use my PDroid Patches with them).

You can use the boot.img kernels inside the ZIPs to test other MTD builds like the official CyanogenMod and AOKP, which often don't offer latin kernels, as long as they have the same partition layout. Don't use the latest kernel on nightlies BEFORE 20120923!

UPDATE: 20121127 available. @humberos' kernel. Little UI updates, BT and Sensor fixes. EXIF Fix for Geotagging photos (works with Ingress now)!
UPDATE: 20121120 available. @humberos' kernel. kernel tweaks, sbradymobile updates, LED brightness, clear recent apps button.
UPDATE: 20121113 available. @humberos' kernel. Memory fix, video fix, wifi fix, 1.4GHz OC.
UPDATE: 20121111 available. @humberos' kernel. Little things. Voodoo Sound is back.
UPDATE: 20121108 available. @humberos' kernel. Performance, battery and wireless fixes, including infamous ksoftirqd/0. Brazilian DST fixes.
UPDATE: 20121104 @humberos test kernel available for flashing. VPN works! Even mppe encrypted!
UPDATE: 20121104 available. @humberos' kernel, little fixes and updates.
UPDATE: 20121031 available. @humberos' kernel, little fixes, translations... you tell me.
UPDATE: 20121024 available. @humberos' kernel, @sbradymobile tweaks: 1-Touch USB Mount!
UPDATE: 20121023 available. @humberos' kernel, Loads of updates (4.1.2), GPU OC using Antutu, @sbradymobile tweaks, etc.
UPDATE: 20121015 PDroid Patch for latest CM10 Android 4.1.2 available.
UPDATE: 20121009 available. @humberos' kernel. Little fixes?
UPDATE: 20121007 available. @humberos' kernel. better battery? more Trebuchet tweaks by @sbradymobile and misc translations.
UPDATE: 20121005 @humberos kernel available for flashing. No more unwanted Wifi sleep. USB driver fixes?
UPDATE: 20121001 available. @humberos‘ kernel, better memory management, less reboots, more Trebuchet tweaks by @sbradymobile.
UPDATE: 20120927b @humberos kernel. Want speed? Flash this and let us know.
UPDATE: 20120927 available. @humberos‘ kernel improvements, @sbradymobile tweaks, fullscreen auto-hide bar?
UPDATE: 20120925b @humberos kernel Fixed Wifi MAC!
UPDATE: 20120925 @humberos kernel available for flashing. Memory management fixes. Try zRAM to fix reboots!
UPDATE: 20120923 available. @humberos kernel, New New Partition Layout, big /data again. All data will be lost again!
UPDATE: 20120921 available. @humberos kernel, zRAM working through system configuration and zCACHE updates.
UPDATE: 20120920 available. @humberos kernel, pdroid, new partition layout, better memory management, zRAM and zCACHE, USB Fast Charge.
UPDATE: 20120919 available. @humberos kernel, pdroid, new partition layout, better memory management.
UPDATE: 20120915 @humberos kernel available for flashing. Faster Wifi and Swap available for testing.
UPDATE: 20120914 available. @cdesai kernel, pdroid, new partition layout, HW video and Camera fixed! Tablet Mode in System/Status Bar!
UPDATE: 20120910 New PDroid Patch available for @humberos and nightly builds with new partition layout.
UPDATE: 20120903 available. @humberos kernel, tweaks and PDroid. No partition changes yet.

PDroid Patches included and available separately as CwM Flash install.
NoMoarPowah! GalaxyTab stockblue theme available.

OBS: No need to restock.

Easy restock from Gingerbread:
  • Flash full stock Gingerbread (with repartition).
  • Flash Kernel with CwM. Doesn't have to be Overcome, could be any CF-root kernel for your model.
  • Boot directly into CwM Recovery, holding VolUp.
  • Flash CM10 ROM and GApps!
Cheers! Thanks everyone!

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