[ICS] JKay Deluxe framework 14.1 - XWLPI/G/F/D/9/8/7,XXLPW/S, UHLPS [2012-7-19]

Oringally Published: 22nd May 2012, 09:11 PM
Udpated: 29th August 2012, 12:03 PM
Category: MOD
Device: Galaxy S II Original
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Description: Purpose: Speed up access to settings and applications. Beautiful battery icon. Stay true to original design. Small, simple, fast without battery drain. How I think Samsung should have made it!
It only needs a supported rom (odexed or deodexed) and CWM to install it.

Please read the install instructions that can be found in the 3rd post.
And please read the FAQ in 3rd post before posting bugs or questions!!

NOTE: While I do give support and fix issues that may arise, please do not expect that this framework will be ported to all future ROMs nor other devices!!

Status: Busy creating JKay for the Samsung Galaxy S3.
After that my plan is to release an updated version of JKay Deluxe for the S2 on the latest ROM.. whatever that may be at that time. But no promises!!

Please don't spam the thread with the same requests!

Update: Version 14.1 released!

JKay Deluxe framework v14.1 contains the following default features
* added the 'Remove all' button to Recent app list view
* added support for screen rotation lock (when auto-rotation quick toggle is off)
* replaced the holo background with hires version
* removed accuweather lock screen icon
* fixed $1 $2 in all plurals.xml !
* fixed Skip track (handles volume twice!)
* fixed the SystemUI cam flash FC !
* fixed Home button long press flash on issue
* fixed IndexOfOutBounce Exception on Phone options dialog (airplane and data mode)
* fixed auto brightness conflict issue in SystemUI

+ 18 scrollable quick panel toggles incl:
'Do not disturb' quick settings button (the notification toggle from tablets)
'Screen on' quick settings button (temporary 3 mins of screen on)
'Auto brightness' quick settings button (long press to adjust brightness and auto-brightness using a slider)
'Mobile data', 'Airplane mode', 'Vibrate' toggle, Wi-Fi hotspot, Sync, Flashlight and the 4 reboot toggles
Long press on these toggles to go to settings!

+ Original ICS lockscreen
+ Live wallpaper support on lockscreen
+ 6 bars for GSM signal
+ Custom date format on status bar
+ Next Alarm Info on drag bar
+ Transparent statusbar on lockscreen
+ Redesigned Samsungs WiFi icons as I did not like the ICS look from Samsung!
+ Separate Wifi In/out arrows
+ Removed leading zero to hour on status bar (to changed '09:00' to '9:00')
+ Semi transparent connection icons
+ Toggle flashlight by long pressing Home button on any lockscreen!
+ Toggle sound on/off using volume buttons on any lock screen
+ Disabled 'Battery full' notification
+ Disabled 'Bluetooth' notification
+ Long press volume buttons to skip track (when music is playing and screen is off, and note: this also works when you have set lockscreen to None!)
+ Connection icons are green when fully connected to google servers
+ Battery with percent (100 steps plus 100 steps charging)
+ Added 'Reboot to Recovery' and 'Reboot to Download' to the phone dialog panel
+ Enabled fast double click (350ms instead of 500ms)
+ Enabled CRT off effect when screen off
+ Enabled support for native VOIP

plus many other customizable options when using the Deluxe Settings

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