[CDMA] IT-ROM [r800x]

Oringally Published: 23rd January 2012, 12:29 AM
Udpated: 25th January 2012, 03:15 AM
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Device: Xperia Play
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I have finally put together a ROM for us Locked Bootloader users. I used Hogwarts COLA ROM as a base for this ROM. This is my first attempt with creating ROMS. So please bear with me if you find bugs, and let me know, so i can fix them. Thanks guys, and enjoy!

**WARNING - This has only been tested on LOCKED BOOTLOADER R800X!! Install at YOUR own risk!**

Features v1
- Replaced stock Launcher with ADW
- Replaced stock Camera with Camera Mod (use "R" button to snap pics)
- Added Notification Toggles
- Removed Carrier Name from Notification Dropdown
- Themed w/ XperainceIT "Green Acid" Theme.
- Replaced Boot Animation

Updated Features v1.1
- Updated Build.prop w/ a few tweaks (see code below for a list of tweaks)
- Added Green dialer Theme
- Changed Font to stock.

Raised JPG quality to 100%Decreased dialing out delayHelped scrolling responsivenessIncreased overall touch responsivenessRaised photo and video recording quality Signal (3G) tweaksNet speed tweaksDisabled blackscreen issue after a callFixed some application issues

Known bugs:
- Factory Reset/Data Wipe, breaks the ROM. (Working on fixing this)

NOTES- ROM Currently does NOT come with Titanium Back up or Screenshot, they were on my version when i took the screen shot.

Download Link:
IT ROM.v1.1**NEW**

- Download, then extract IT ROM.
- Place ROM into /sdcard/clockwork/backup
- Boot into Recovery
- Wipe Cache / Dalvik Cache
- Restore

Future Updates:
Version 1.2- (ETA: Undetermined)
- Add Mobile Bravia Engine
- Add script for SetInstallLocation 2 (not sure if this will work as a pre-installed feature as it requires a line command prompt, then a reboot)
- Add a Theme Chooser app for the XperianceIT Themes (this one may take me a bit, not very good at app creation)

Some themes from my Theme Thread:
(Original Theme Thread)
"Purple Haze"
"Blood Lust" w/Toggles
"Pink Passion" w/Notification Toggles
"White Elegance w/Toggles"
"Blue Void" w/Toggles
"Blue Void" w/o Toggles

If any of you have any suggestions on new tweaks, mods, or would like to see certain apps included into this ROM as system apps, please let me know.

Special Thanks:
- Hogwarts, for taking the time to teach and mentor me on building a ROM. His COLA ROM can be found HERE
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