[ROM] [MOD] [GUIDE] CM10.1 Official + MOD + How to install

Oringally Published: 02nd February 2013, 04:05 AM
Udpated: 02nd February 2013, 04:05 AM
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Device: LG Optimus Black
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In this guide I will show you step by step how you get Android 4.2 on your Optimus Black.
I have attached a flashable Pack researched and optimised by me.
Credits goes to the owners and makers.


You will get:

latest CM10.1 build with latest features of Android 4.2
optimised battery settings
Perfect EQ
AD Blocking
Optimised GAPPS
onandroid Online Backup Solution
more in future updates

Bugs and not working things:
FM Radio


Step by Step:

  1. Download all necessary files
  2. Optional: Flash patched TWRP or CWM recovery
  3. Backup your rom with recovery or Orange Backup.
  4. rename CM10.1 rom package: simply put 1 in front of cm10.1... = 1cm10.1...
  5. rename GAPPS package: simply put 2 in front of LaboDJ_Gapps... = 2LaboDJ_Gapps...
  6. unzip my CM10.1P970PACK to your SD download folder or any other, unzip my 10apps zip in the previously unzipped
  7. copy the renamed cm10.1 package, the renamed GAPPS and the BProp.Editor package to the previously unzipped folder
  1. Boot to recovery and do a factory reset.
  2. read to point 9 befor you start flashing the packages in turn. (you wont need wipe anything!)
    Optional: If you flash LaboDJ Gapps you can choose which apps you need and which you want to be removed
    Apps i removed Apollo, Calculotor, Classic Calendar, Email, Exchange, GooManager, HTML Viewer, Live Wallpapers, Pico TTS, Terminal Emulator
    You can make your own decision.
  3. ZeroGravityKernel is optional but recommended. Credits goes to andr00ib.
  4. SuperSU is optional but recommended. Credits goes to ChainFire.
  5. onandroid is optional but recommended. Credits goes to ameer1234567890.
  6. CrossBreeder is optimised by my for our Black. Credits goes to idcrisis.
  7. MPEngine is only used for Ram management because it has integrated flush set to run once an hour by me. Entropy is disabled in this package because provided by CrossBreeder. Credits goes to LENAROX.
  8. HDSoundEngine is provided by BSDgeek_Jake. It sounds better than Beats. If you want real GOOD SOUND use NO BEATS MOD and install XenoAmp and do Headset calibration in app.
  9. ADBlocking is optional but recommended. Credits goes to BSDgeek_Jake.
  10. Use BProp Editor to set these settings: Credits goes to smoking1337.

    Set DPI to 220
    Set Wifi Scan interval to 220
    Enable Video acceleration
    Dexopt Flags to run apps faster
Take up to 3 Minutes.

  1. Go to Systemsettings App Managment and disable following apps:
    SearchApplicationProvider, Voice Dialer, Sound Recorder, Phase Beam, Music VisualisationWallpapers, DRM, SMSPUSH, CMUpdater

  2. Install Airdroidv2 and BetterBatteryStats from 10Apps folder.
  3. Install Kernel Tuner root go to application settings and activate init.d mode under restore settings after boot. Now set the following settings:

    CPU Tweaks: Governor Lionheart, Optional set max to 1000
    Governor: Samling rate 50000, up thresold 80, down threshold 40, ignore nice load 1
    Misc Tweaks: IO Scheduler deadline, SD Card Cache Size 2048
    reboot and check the settings, they should stick.
  4. Install and apply this Theme to fix Gingerbread leftovers.
  5. Optional install this app for Battery Calibration.
  6. Install FasterGPS and set it up.
  7. Install AdAway and set it up with optional webserver.
  8. Install LagFix run it once with all partitions check marked and reboot.
  9. Install Orange backup and backup current installation.
  10. Install AppExtractor and restore previous installed apps.

Recommended Apps every device should have installed

Hornet Antivirus as antivirus
Android Lost for tracking lost phone
AFWall+ as firewall
SF Launcher Alpha as launcher
GYF Site Launcher Beta as launcher extra
Busy Me for the missing do not disturb feature
RD Mute for flip to silence
Sliding Message as full sms alternative
XenoAMP Beta as coolest music player
Orange Backup ★ root - Link
Hornet AntiVirus Free - Link
GYF Side Launcher Beta - Link
Busy Me - Link
RD Mute - Link
Sliding Messaging - Link