[ROM][Neo/ Neo V][JB] SUPER JELLY BEAN 2.0 [4.1.2] [30/1/2013]

Oringally Published: 20th January 2013, 10:49 AM
Udpated: 3rd February 2013, 06:39 PM
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Device: Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo
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Description: Hello , I am not a great developer or anything and this is a first for me so stay calm
I present to you "Super Jelly Bean"..

This rom is based on fxp cm10... [jelly bean 4.1.2]

Changelog for Super Jelly Bean 2.0 :

Rebased to FXP 204
Removed some more apps
Removed garbage tweaks.
No extra apps.
Internet Speed Tweaks
camera tweaks
media tweaks
Even Better Ram Management
MPEngine12 for better gaming than v1.5
QC XtiveJetLauncher for smoothness and various tweaks (thanks KiD3991)
Your Phone will behave like it has a dual core processor
sony launcher updated
Nova Launcher Included
Added back DSP manager
sony apps and widgets updated
sony torch added
notification bar fading pull down animation (thanks to soumya_digi )

MD5 checksum for v2.0 : 07b5191f02eac355a352a2f8b2478fd5

Older Changelog of V1.5 :

NOTE : Do a full wipe before installing 1.5..

Rebased to FXP203.
Xperia T ICS Keyboard included ( since JB keyboard has smiley glitch )
MPEngine 11 by lenarox for silky smooth gaming and overall UI
MX Player app.
Note widget fixed. (thanks to ThilinaC)
Weather Widget fixed. (thanks to ThilinaC)
Some scripts removed. Some added
All new Xperia T fonts but the clock has jb 4.2 fonts
Removed Some Apps from system.
Better Ram Management.
Battery Drain overnight only around 2 %
Camera image quality improved
Audio quality improved
Removed DSP manager ( Added an amazing equalizer app )
with beats audio and this equalizer audio is simply superb
SUPERCHARGER included ( thanks zeppelinrox)
Terminal Emulator removed.
Also added sliding messaging app by klinker41 (simply Beautiful)
Zipaligned (increases app performance )
much more stable than v1.0

P.S If you thought that v1.0 was smooth.. just wait till you get a hands on this one

Suggestions/recommendations for and after installation [IMPORTANT]


0.Don't restore anything from titanium backup.. its better to download apps from play store...
1.Rom is tested only on fxp,shardul and fusion kernel , however it should work fine on others (gives slightly better battery with fusion than on lupus)
2.In MX player , by default use SW decoder.. if the video doesn't work properly , only then use HW decoder.
3.Keep all the animation set at 0.5x in developer options
4.The Note and Weather widget (use only when required ).. it kinda slows down the launcher a tiny tiny bit since it is from a developer rom (not that stable ).. but no other negative impact.
5.[optional] you can delete 1 of the launcher apps. [2 included]

NOTE : do not use seeder or anything else with this rom.. if you do then don't post here about battery life... thanks.


Note : only for unlocked bootlader
1. copy super jelly bean and gapps to sd card
2. flash any jb kernel for neov.. i recommend fusion kernel 4.3 , fxp or shardul's cm10 kernel..
fusion kernel for neo and neo v download from this thread - Fusion 4.3
also shardul seths cm10 kernel works great too here Shardul kernel
3. flash stock ics .587 ftf excluding kernel and simlock.ta files..
4. boot into recovery
5.full wipes
ie :
wipe data / factory reset
wipe cache partition
wipe dalvik cache
in mounts and storage , wipe system , data and cache

6. flash Super Jelly Bean
8. only for neo (mt15i) users patch here posted below.
7.flash gapps : use this link : Gapps For SJB
8.flash wifi modules of respective kernel

Note : after install , let the rom settle for atleast 15 to 20 minutes.. then reboot and use as normal


v2.0 : Super Jelly Bean 2.0

V2.0 MT15 Neo Patch : SJB 2.0 MT15i Patch

Download : v1.5 : Super Jelly Bean 1.5
NEO mt15i patch here : SJB 1.5 MT15i Patch

( gapps not included )

Caution : I am not responsible for any damage done to your device or your head by using this :P you are making these changes on your own..

Rules : All XDA rules.
Do not use this rom as a base for your own custom rom. because a lot of hard work has gone into making it.. thanks.

I'd appreciate feedback or recomendations on this thread ..

also if you like this . then hit the thanks button i don't want any donations as its just for fun and you guys deserve something good just pressing the thanks button is appreciated as it motivates

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