[ROM] Custom Stock LG Optimus G Bell E973(10h) / Telus E973(10g) & Rogers E971(10e)

Oringally Published: 14th January 2013, 11:57 AM
Udpated: 19th January 2013, 12:37 AM
Category: ROM
Device: Optimus G E973 (Canada)
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Description: Stock LG Optimus G Bell Variant E973(h)


Since a lot of people will be flashing and trying out new roms, I wanted to make an easy just stock clean version (bare bones)
instead of reflashing the stock image back & then reRooting & then ReFreegee'ing.. So I decided to release to the public as well.
Remember this is not an Enhancement Rom or Fully Customized Rom that's going to make your phone go vroooom. it's just stock
to fall back on.

This Stock Bell E973(h) ICS Features
*rooted - thanks bin4ry*Service Menu App - thanks to weisborg*Fast Dormancy Toggle App - thanks to jonasl *Quickboot*Google Now - trimmed down version*debloated*Few build.prop mods - if you prefer just stock, there is a build.prop.bak in the system folder.*If you are on a different kernel (this will flash just the FreeGee stock kernel with LG security removed) - you can always flash sk8's kernel afterwards*Probably a lot of other goodies that I'm just too lazy to mention or have forgotten.
Requirements before you install
*always make an nandroid before you install so you have something to fall back on*must install only on  lgog bell variant e973*rooted already*Freegee'd (unlock bootloader) - thanks TheCuded(IOMonster) & Shellnut2*CWM or CWM 6.0.27 - thanks sk8

Other Useful Threads Thread
Important Helpful Thread*[GUIDE] Root, unlock, and install a custom firmware! (basically covers everything you need to know)  - thanks to carrettStock Rom Thread*[STOCK ROM] LG Optimus G CANADA E971 E973 Firmware / Service Manual

Instructions On How To Flash
*Boot CWM Recovery - If you don't have it, go back download it & flash it. (if you use TRWP, flash it after your install)*Wipe Data / Factory Reset*Wipe Cache Partition*Wipe Dalvik Cache*Install zip for sdcard*Choose zip from sdcard*Select my zip that you've downloaded to your internal_sdcardYou will not loose stuff on your internal_sd unless you format your internal_sd or Hard Reset



THIS IS NOT JELLY BEAN. THIS IS 4.0.4 ICS - If you want to try Jelly Bean look below
AOSP 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Ported Roms (Canadian LGOG)

Simple Rules:
*Let's try and keep this thread simple & clutter free. search before asking questions*It's pretty straight forward & simple if you run into any problems ----> search the forums or RTFM or GTFO! (lol)*I made this for me not you - but I decide to share, so don't forget to thank me & thank everyone else below

Special Thanks
*Sk8erwitskil - (especially for selling his Nexus 4 & coming back to the Optimus g)
*Everyone on Irc
*& anyone else I forgot