[ROM] Intergalactic v2.5 [OC/UV][UCDLK3][2/4/2013]

Oringally Published: 2nd November 2012, 07:40 AM
Udpated: 05th February 2013, 12:24 PM
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Device: AT&T Galaxy S III
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This is a stock-based ROM that I've made using UCDLK3 firmware for the AT&T Galaxy S3. I've spent a lot of time developing this ROM making it nice and stable and using the tweaks I thought were the best for smoothness, battery life, and stability. This ROM uses a modified UCDLK3 kernel by InstigatorX that includes support for OC/UV, init.d scripts. The optional modified stock kernel is also available for download.

  • UCDLK3 Base
  • OC/UV Kernel(thanks for your help and work InstigatorX)
  • (recommended using row i/o scheduler and Intellidemand governor. Recommended settings: CPUmin: 192 mhz, CPUmax: 1.51 GHz)
  • OC up to 1.89 GHz (Use Included CPU tuner to tweak. Please exercise EXTREME caution as you can make your device unstable, i.e.: random reboots)
  • GPU Overclocked (Thanks InstigatorX)
  • WiFi improvements (thanks InstigatorX)
  • OTA Updates through GooManager
  • Custom boot animation support
  • Extended power menu
  • Extended APN list
  • Smoothness and battery life tweaks
  • Fully de-odexed
  • Fully zipaligned
  • Rooted
  • init.d script support and tweaks
  • ADB support
  • Debloating
  • 23 Toggles Mod (blue)(thanks wanam)
  • Blue themed battery and notification area
  • AT&T logo removed
  • Wifi Notification removed
  • DSP sound manager w/ Apollo
  • Google Now
  • S-Voice
  • Android 4.2 Keyboard ported from Nexus 4 system dump
  • Holo-Black Gmail 4.2
  • BIOS boot animation
  • Group messaging
  • Increased mms size and quality (thanks enewman17)
  • Find My Mobile enabled
  • AT&T Contacts removed (thanks loserskater)
  • Many other tweaks...

Installation Instructions:
  1. Download ROM to SD card
  2. Download Stock kernel to SD card (you may need this just in case you are unhappy with OC/UV kernel)
  3. Reboot into recovery
  4. Do a factory reset
  5. Wipe cache and dalvik cache
  6. Wipe system
  7. Flash Rom (This process may take a minute or two)
  8. Wipe cache and dalvik cache again just to be safe
  9. Reboot and enjoy

Post Installation Instructions:
  • It is HIGHLY suggested that you keep ALL Google Now cards off, verify that you are not updating your location with Google Maps (in Maps settings menu). Remember, Google Now automatically turns on your location settings to update through Google Maps, so after enabling Google Now, unless you want your location on all the time, go to Google Maps and turn it off. Your battery will thank you even more.
  • If you get a Google account sign-in error after installing, there is an easy fix. Go to Menu > Settings > Accounts and Sync. Please REMOVE your current Google account and then add it again. I do not know why this happens to some people, but it doesn't seem to be ROM related. It happens on several devices including the Nexus. Removing and then re-adding your account again fixes this problem.
  • Tethering Fix: (thanks enewman17)
  • If on v2.1 (1/9/2013) Please flash the v2.1 "Phone" FC Patch to fix a phone FC Bug or use GooManager to update OTA to v2.2.
  • After flashing, you may notice that some of your files go into a folder called "0". This happens on later versions of Android. Simply locate them there and move them back the way you had them.

  • NunHugger
  • InstigatorX
  • dsixda
  • enewman17
  • loserskater
  • upndwn4par
  • mrvirginia
  • norbarb
  • kangi26
  • pickupman66
  • xxsashixx
  • Anyone else I may have forgotten (it wasn't intentional, just PM me and I'll add you to the list)

Donators (an extra special thanks goes out to you. ALWAYS appreciated):
  • ddurandd
  • jaketc
  • cubanghost
  • neuropass

ROM Download v2.5:

Download Here

Mirror 2
MD5: a8ae6db6d3bc26761ce5c2487d4ff3e0

Return to Stock Kernel (UCDLK3, Insecure, init.d, adb support):
Flash this if you experience difficulties with the new kernel or the ROM does not boot. It's a good idea to keep this on your SD card!
(Thanks enewman17)
Download Here

Return to Stock Boot Animation (Works with included InstigatorX Kernel Only):
Stock Samsung Boot Animation

Old Versions
v2.4 (JB)
v2.3 (JB)
v2.2 (JB)
v2.0 (JB)
v1.1 (ICS)

UCALH9 Kernel Only. Do not flash with JB roms. ICS only.

Standard Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone. Flash at your own risk.