[ROM][UVLH5][CWM]Blaze Tweaked ICS 2.2 UPDATED 12/26/12

Oringally Published: 31st October 2012, 05:08 AM
Udpated: 27th December 2012, 03:31 AM
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Device: Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G
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Description: Hey again everyone. While I am calling this Tweaked 2.x, this is really nothing more than moving all that was Gingerbread Tweaked over to the ICS UVLH5 base (although some extras have been worked in along the way). This was an INCREDIBLY TIME CONSUMING process, as I had never tinkered with ICS before - but on the upside I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out.
As always, this is still a work in progress (for example the lockscreens are sorely lacking in the current version here), but enough is done to warrant it being posted. Let me know if things work, or if any oddities come up. Also feel free to comment on how this might improve or if I've gone about anything in a not-so-smart way. If there is anything you would like to see (or wish wasn't there), let me know. I can't promise I'll do anything about it, but such requests keep me motivated and learning - and thats been the driving force behind my tinkering since it began.


Usual rules apply - while very much stable in my experience you should be cautious whenever you flash. Make sure to wipe data/factory reset to avoid issues. Flash in CWM recovery.
As the Blaze is now privy to a number of AOSP-flavored ROMs, this DOES include a kernel - a great one by merwin that can be found here - make sure to thank him, he put A LOT of time into it! Also - this is still pretty much unthemed. There are a few minor theme-ish things going on in Mms and the Dialer, and the pulldown looks much more ICS-ish, but nothing major by any means - check out the screenshots for a bit of an idea of what changed.

CWM Installation instructions:
- Backup your current setup/data
- Download file and place on sdcard
- Boot into CWM recovery
- Recommended to wipe data/factory reset in CWM recovery
- Select and install the .zip you put on your sdcard

Download links can be found further down. Let me know if there are any suggestions/issues/etc - happy flashing!
Also - remember that this is the development thread, so all general questions/comments/conversation should go here. Thanks!

Version 2.2 - 12/26/12
- Updated some system apps (GmsCore.apk)
- Added 2 variations of the aosp ics lockscreen
***** 3Spot - unlock, silent/sound, and custom app
***** 5Spot - unlock, silent/sound, camera, phone, and custom app
- Cleaned up/edited TSMParts for lockscreen stuff
- Added option to display actual carrier info in pulldown
- Added in 30min and 60min screen timeout options
***** Included those as well as 5min in the scrollable toggle/power widget
- Updated Scorched kernel stuffs to v1.0.29
- Removed the are-you-sure popups with sound/data/airplane in the extended power menu

Version 2.1 - 12/11/12
- Added in Screenshot option to extended power menu
- Replaced 4.0.4 keyboard with 4.2 keyboard (from here)
- Fixed a small leftover issue from experimenting w/ camera.apk
- Added in option to disable/enable data roaming notification
- Edited some color ranges for signal dbm
- Added in custom statusbar background color/transparency option
- Added in custom pulldown notifcation area background color/transparency option
- Added in custom lockscreen message text color option
- Updated DSP Manager by cyanogen/CM using files from the offical Blaze CM9 (I used the 10-30 nightly found here)
***** This includes one file I forgot to edit last time
- Fixed things to make Google Now actually work (no, it's not updated)
- Cleaned up a few things in the scrollable toggles
- Cleaned up some residual circle-lock behavior on the AOSP lockscreen
- Removed the odd screen-dim issue leftover from hiding the initial wifi-enabled wifi calling popup
- Added AMAZING tweaktools utility by tonsit (see below for more info)
- Cleaned up/added a few things in build.prop
- Updated Chrome/PlayStore/Music/SuperSU (v0.99 from here)
- Added in GmsCore.apk
- Made list item height smaller (seen in menus/settings)
- Updated TSMParts to adhere to the ICS theme
- Fixed an issue w/ landscape conversation viewing in Mms.apk
- Messed with the stock launcher a bit more
***** Added ability for an extra icon in the dock
***** Removed text from the icons in the dock
- Added in a Mod version entry to build.prop and Settings > About Phone for Tweaked version
- Included merwin's awesome v1.0.20 kernel and relevant kernel stuffs
***** Includes AMAZING Scorched governor put together by merwin, zen i/o scheduler, OC'ed to 1.72GHz, and a number of other tweaks that escape me at the moment!
- Zipaligned

Version 2.0 - 10/30/12
- Cleaned out carrieriq stuff
***** There was much less in ICS compared to GB
- Added in SuperSU v0.97 (from here)
- Added in busybox 1.19.4-cm9 (binary pulled from jrummys Busybox Installer app)
- Added in Google Now-esque stuff (from here)
- Added in JellyBean animations (from here)
- Added in Chrome as a system app (taken from app store)
- Added in Terminal Emulator by Jack Palevich as a system app (while I used the market one, the source can be found here)
- Added in AppWidgetPicker2 by boombuler (doesn't affect the included touchwiz launcher though... got it from here)
- Added in DSP Manager by cyanogen/CM (thanks to chjema for the link)
- Added in stock Verizon Fascinate boot animation (can see this on stock kernel)
- Added in custom boot animation (by RuyDuck; can't see this on stock kernel)
- Added in 4.0.4 Google LatinIME.apk (lost my source link for this one...)
- Edited build.prop (thanks to erikmm for most of these - note that many are commented out, just remove the # to activate)
- Added/unlocked some wallpapers in TwWallpaperChooser.apk
- Modified Camera.apk
***** Can take pics/vids in call, search key takes pics/starts-stops vid, can use while low power (including flash)
- Changed default home/lockscreen wallpapers
- Removed startup/shutdown sounds
- Made Mms and Dialer a bit transparent
- Increased the resolution limit of attached Mms images (thanks erikmm)
- Added in .png-based custom shutdown animation support (and a custom shutdown animation thanks to PaulN64007)
- Tweaked defaults for what is in dock/homescreens in TouchWizLauncher
- Added in accurate battery (images) and edited charging animation behavior (images thanks to o0Blackness0o and wherever he got them)
- Tweaked SettingsProvider to set/alter some default after-data-wipe settings
- Added in long-press volume screen-off music skips (this helped a lot!)
- Disabled some pop-ups that always annoyed me... so far this includes -
***** USB Connecting
***** Initial Wificalling info after turning wifi on for the first time
***** USB debugging
***** Nonmarket apps
- Added extended power menu
***** Added a hotboot option thanks to info found here and here
***** The latter source led to a restructuring of the extended power menu to include a 4-in-1 reboot options selection
***** Also added Data toggle
- Rearranged/tweaked the pulldown to make it look more ICS-like
- Tweaked Settings.apk to play nice with some TSMParts.apk options
- Added in TSMParts link to Settings.apk
- Cleaned up TSMParts due to the GB-to-ICS transition
- Added in TSMParts.apk
***** Below are things I had to make happen within the rom itself - other options not listed are set completely from within TSMParts thanks to TeamSbrissenMod
***** I also added some links to the stock Settings.apk for convenience in a few places
***** CRT-off on/off option
***** While it appears you have more options, there are only 2 - AOSP (ICS) and Circle
********** All options except circle will result in the AOSP lockscreen
***** Custom lockscreen timeout
***** Custom lockscreen carrier text
***** Disable/enable volume wake key
***** Scrollable toggles (thanks to TSM, CM, lidroid and wanam (latter two stem from this
********** Included the hotboot option in the reboot toggle
********** Otherwise same options as seen in Tweaked 1.6
***** Hide-able statusbar icons
********** Bluetooth, silent/vibrate, alarm, IME input device, battery, no sim, signal bars
***** Show battery % now linked to TSMParts
********** Can instant-change battery % colors
***** Can instant-show signal bars, signal dbm (now with an option to include a dBm label), and signal dbm color changes
********** Just mentioning this as I always tried to do this w/ GB and never could get it to work
***** Miui-style battery bar w/ color change ability identical to battery %
***** Customize/colorize pulldown carrier text
***** Edit format/color of pulldown date
***** Customize am/pm style and color of clock, or choose to hide it
***** Added in center/left clock options
********** Center clock does NOT have the world clock widget functional when pulldown is active (left and right do though)
********** Also, to keep center clock truly centered, it is susceptible to overlap issues with excessive notification/system icons
***** Enable/disable low/full batt notify
- Debloated (as much as I felt comfortable with anyway)
- Zipaligned

Shabbypenguin - cwm recovery and more
k0nane - return-to-stock stuffs, rooted kernel, and more
erikmm - pointers, tips, general helpfulness
merwin - awesome kernel work, idea generator, and other miscellaneous help
chjema - testing and tips
anactoraaron - great feedback and general bug-hunter extraordinaire!
imnuts - far too many reasons to list
jt1134 - far too many reasons yet again
sbrissen - smali tips and what not
tonsit - creating the awesome tweaktools utility
chopperthedog - for hooking me up with file hosting stuffs
gunnermike - also providing hosting for files
nitsuj17 - tips, advice, useful info, and tireless stifling
Endless2232 - layout (and general) xml guidance
MidnightNinja - image repairs and what not
PaulN64007 - shutdown animation
crypted for an edited gps.conf file found here - the Google-specific v3.1 no SSL version in particular
***** I highly recommend you throw a little cash his way if you use this, as this gps.conf is so good due to utilizing network services he provides!
delta_foxtrot2 and those responsible for AdFree for host file info (from 12/3/12)
All of TeamSbrissenMod
All of Team Fah-Q! and the folks that visit #teamfah-q
Anyone else I likely forgot


Beyond the contributions of the above individuals, there were a number of guides found on xda or via google that were used along the way. Some representative samples include:
Google Now on ICS
Jellybean Animations
ICS Scrollable toggles - also see this as it could be handy for folks
Extended power menu
build.prop tweaks
A bunch of others that have become buried in my browser history...