[DEV][PORT][ROM][ICS][4.0.3][IML74K] HTC Sense 4.0a Build #6 {04/02/2013}

Oringally Published: 18th October 2012, 07:27 PM
Udpated: 05th February 2013, 11:16 AM
Category: ROM
Device: HTC Pico (Explorer)
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Description: It's my own HTC Sense 4.0 port for out Explorer's


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What's doesn't work?
  • Nothing

  • After reconnect Bluetooth headset audio from music player routes to speaker

How to:
  • Copy installation package to sdcard
  • Reboot in to recovery
  • Do factory reset
  • Flash rom
  • After 1st boot you need to reboot phone to move created dalvik-cache to /data partition!


  • Moved main system apps from sd-ext to system nand partition
  • Wrote new mv2ext script
  • Dalvik-Cache of SYSTEM apps now moved to data partition from sd-ext ( all other apps will installed to sd-ext )
  • Now all memory from sd-ext avaliable for apps
  • No random reboots
  • No lags

  • Updated BT stack from HTC One V
  • Re-enabled rmt storage in kernel
  • Added ip=dhcp to cmdline
  • Remapped memory:
    1. Main bank now 496 mb
    2. Raised memory heap size to 64 mb from 48 mb
  • Added memcpy
  • Reverted low power audio
  • Added sockets to RIL :rild-audio-gsm,rild-agps,rild-htc-coredump , may be it fix CDMA audio problems?
  • Updated RIL
  • Added oom fix to init.d
  • Updated to latest bluetooth firmware from HTC One V
  • Fixed wifi hotspot UI + backported all wifi and bt stuff from one v framework ( need to test bt media )
  • Removed Google Maps
  • Now support TWRP recovery
  • Removed apps
    1. Gmail
    2. HtcCOTAClient
    3. CheckinProvider
  • Cleaned /system/bin folder
  • Reverted binder and lowmemorykiller cause old one more stable..
  • Reverted headset patches it should fix audio glitches
  • Ported wifi BCMDHD drivers from HTC One V, seems more usefull then old one
  • Some tweaks and clean up in build.prop
  • Now it support OTA via Goomanager! To use this you need TWRP Recovery installed
  • Updated Bluetooth share and Brcm Services app from HTC One V
  • Ported ActivityManager from 4.0.4 Framework it can fix totally random reboots

  • Removed aroma, rewrited update script , hope now all be ok
  • Enabled vsync
  • Removed a lot misc files
  • Removed useless scripts and buggy apps
  • Removed Facebook,Google plus,IMEXT9 files expect English and Russian language
  • Fixed SystemUI statusbar
  • Moved framework to system
  • Moved usr and media folder to sd-ext
  • Cleaned build.prop
  • Disabled quick boot by default , you can enable it if you want from settings
  • Added low memory patch from sakindia123 github
  • Disabled services:
    1. htc_ebdlogd
    2. qcom-post-boot
    3. rmt_storage
    4. bug_report
  • Fixed usb modem function
  • Disabled rmt_storage in kernel
  • Fixed incall voice

  • Fixed Bluetooth, thx to Deathlike
  • New app2sd script which move all apps and all cache to sd-ext
  • Fixed USB ( need to test usb tethering via Htc sync Manager!(new htc sync for htc sense 4.0!!!))
  • Added kernel v3 with my latest changes , you can check changes here
  • Some wifi tuning
  • Aroma installer now support touch screen
  • Added all missed apps from Sense 4.0a
  • Fixed wifi
  • Fixed BT partly, because desire c have another bt chip, so service framework don't support our broadcom chip, so bt turning on , hardware initilization but stoping on final step
  • Fixed crap sound incall
  • Fixed superuser
  • Fixed multitask key
  • Added GPS Lock patch
  • Added script which move apps and cache to sd-ext while installing rom
  • Initial release

Download | Build #6