[ROM][DEV ONLY] CM10 JB Pyramid AOSP Kang Dirty Port[9/25/12][Alpha]

Oringally Published: 25th September 2012, 07:23 PM
Udpated: 26th September 2012, 12:17 AM
Category: ROM
Device: HTC Rezound
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Description: Here it is guys what iv been working on for a couple of days, cm10 port form the htc pyramid, this is in no way a daily rom, hopefully me posting it, will help us with ether aosp jb or getting this one to work enough for daily usage, until we get JB from source(witch is the best choice/experience), The init.rc has been heavily modified, in the hopes of fixing ether wifi or the launcher crashes, but i have not been successful yet, any one is welcome to try and fix the rest of the bugs.

To Chad if you feel me posting this rom is anyway rude or that it would undermine your aosp work, just let me know man i will take it down immediately.

Whats Working?
Wifi(Fails to acces a file in data/cannot scan networks.for now it only turns on) i asume this is something in the init.rc
BT (have not tested trasfer of files, but i asume they work)
EGL Acceleration

Whats not working?
RIL(sahara starts it gets a response, but network cant register)
Launchers always crash, no matter witch one
graphic issues with the laucher area of the ui(i asume it has todo something with our egl drivers)
SDcards( i know there not working, this is an easy fix, not important right now)


Download Link

Chad for His amazing work on aosp
The aosp team for the pyramid
cyanogen fo course