(MOD)(BL1.2ROM-CM-10)SmOoTher_BeAn_4.1.2(G-tablet)(Updated 02/01/13)

Oringally Published: 23rd September 2012, 03:32 AM
Udpated: 2nd February 2013, 04:03 AM
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Device: Viewsonic G Tablet
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Just when you thought it couldn't get any Better. Then I give you Greatness

I do not take responsibility for anything that happens to your stuff
If you load this it is your responsibility to fix it if things go wrong
While Running this ROM you think "WOW this is just Fantastic" then Your Welcome
If your device runs away and gets Married to a Rock Star
then all I got to say is sorry that it is soooo SmOoTh

If you want to repost this onto another site
Please ask Permission to do so
or just post the link back to here

For starters I am not a Developer, I am just a normal Guy with a Linux Machine and a Dream.

Special thanks goes towards fosser2, the DRH team and redeyedjedi. Without them I wouldn't of been
able to do any of this.

The new SmoOth is using CM-10 4.1.2 base built from source by redeyedjedi with a nice
face lift and some extras. It is desighned to create for you a great gaming experience as well as everyday use.

Let me introduce you to the New SmoOther Creation.


Screenshots on the Inverted Version

Because that is how I ROLL

I will only Support my Installation Instructions
I have tested it with my own G-Tablet with these
exact instructions.

Installation Instruction.
You will need to be on BL 1.2 and have a 250m system partition (recomended).
(You can run this on a 350m system setup)
You must know how to back up your existing system. That is only being said once
Boot into Recovery and do a Nandroid Backup Wipe data/factory reset,
go into "mounts and storage" and "mount & format system"
Partition Internal SD to 4096/0 in Advance settings (if already skip this part)
Download Rom and Place onto internal storage
Install Rom
Reboot into system, Complete initial setup



This ROM is bare bone striped down the apps and replaced with lighter counter parts.
The only addition I included is minimum Gapps some choice addons and Rom ToolBox to OC, change I/O schedulars
and other adjustments you would like to make. (Recomended Memory Manager Preset setting= Strict)
Check apply on boot then apply settings. Perfomance settings still need to be worked out within the ROM for I/O settings.
Also for Task Killing without a app go to system settings/Developer options (Turn on first)
then select "Background process limit" to (No background processes or Limit to 1)

Whats included
1 % Battery Mod (Fixed and Works)
Latest Apex Launcher
Play Store (Inverted or Standard depends on ROM Choice)
AdAway app
Apollo (Inverted or Standard depends on ROM Choice)
Pandora (Inverted ver.4.1)
Google Now
Chrome Browser
CPU Sleeper
DSP Manager
Gmail (Unreleased ver.4.2, Inverted or Standard depends on ROM Choice)
ROM ToolBox
XDA app
YouTube (ver. 4.2.16)

What Works
Audio, Audio, and did I mention Audio......

What Doesn't Work
Camera (Work around use USB Camera)
Mic works but buggy

ROM download here.

SmoOth Bean 4.1.2 ver 1.5.2(Standard) 160 DPI
The Goods

SmoOth Bean 4.1.2 ver 1.5.2(Inverted) 160 DPI
The Goods


Fixed .apk HTML files for both battery mod and mouse pointer
Added some extra build.prop tweaks
Deleted unneeded tweaks that caused issues with ADB (Thanks rajeevvp for letting me know about it.)
Added Google Now for those who want to try to get it to work (Its a Data app so you can delete it if nessesary).


Link for NVFlash package to set System to 250m
Recomended NVFlash 250m system Mod

Older Updates

SmoOth Bean 4.1.2 ver 1.5(Standard PlayStore) 160 DPI
The Goods

SmoOth Bean 4.1.2 ver 1.5(Inverted PlayStore) 160 DPI
The Goods

I don't normally do this stuff, So I will try to keep it updated as much as I can. Switch to Dev Host and they seem to be holding Strong. People willing to Mirror me a link PM me with it and I will add it with who is providing it. Thanks.

If you like my work just press the Thanks button also
go find fosser2, redeyedjedi and any of the DRH Team and thank them as well

Please by all means if you have any private questions or cannot post in the Development treads PM me. Please don't Email someone that you just met. I am not that kind of person to respond to emails so Please Keep it in the Forum. Thanks in Advance.

REMEMBER that this is FREE! I have NOT and WILL NOT ask for donations for any of this! If you wish to I will add it to my Wifes Kiddle fund so I can keep working on this.!