[ROM][1/12/13]Viral OTA v1[4.03.605.2][Aroma][VillainRom Theme Engine]

Oringally Published: 11th September 2012, 01:35 AM
Udpated: 19th January 2013, 05:29 AM
Category: ROM
Device: HTC Rezound
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Description: Proud to present ...

Viral OTA v1
based off 4.03.605.1 RUU
Themed Aroma Installer
Choice of 3 different launchers & Selectable debloat
Advanced power menu(Thank you Izzaeroth -Hot reboot does not function)
TONS of kernel/init.d tweaks (Thank you mformino7)
Transparent pulldown(Thank you MicroMod777 & Izzaeroth)

Enjoy! Please don't hesitate to ask questions.


Viral OTA v1

-Bright Yellow
-Magenta/Cotton Candy based
-Lavendar based
-Multiple shades of Orange
Custom Kernel -Xxtra Funky
Based off Funky Kernel v2.1 the following has been added
-SebastianFM 1.8Ghz OC table
-Entropy_avail mod baked in
PS:This is a performance based kernel but can be tuned for battery. I will work on adding a VDD sys fs later via OTA update.
My Github

Selectable Mods
-Beats Audio
-Sony Xloud Engine
Left to do:
Create boot animations

PS:Remember guys this a senseless rom meaning personalize will not work and will always FC. Don't try it. Installation could take upwards to 7mins if choosing a theme, be patient. Themes are now compatible with the latest TWRP. S-on option is not compatible with the official CWM package, please use the version attached to Flyhalf's OP.

(Thank you zhp pilot for showing me some smali edits, without you my keyboards wouldn't exist)
(BIG thank you amarullz, without you this build would not had started)
(BIG thank you izzaeroth & tjarvis, without your motivation the update wouldn't had taken place)
(thank you NilsP, for allowing me to use/bundle the HTC Keyboard with arrows)
(I want to thank D.O.C. for allowing me to utilize his scripts.)
(BIG thank you to mformino7 for the [s]base[/s] scripts, saved about an hours (more like 3 LOL)work **thumbs up**)
(Another thank you goes to zone23 for the slight assistance, I had questions he had answers)
(Thank you merashallan for a couple kernel tweaks)
(Thank you jlyle djsbad D4nielC for testing)
(**Thumbs up** @ Countrygirl23 for the Pink recommendation)
(Thank you prdog for some some guidance)

PS: If I forgot about you (I am sorry ) OR did not give mention from a mod. Please PM me.
PSS: Remember, donations are NOT accepted but criticism is, it lets me know what I need to work on or change to make it better.