[GT-I9103][Kernel][Stock ICS][OC 1.4/1.2Ghz][Core2 on/off] Horsepower 1.0.9

Oringally Published: 26th August 2012, 12:14 PM
Udpated: 27th August 2012, 08:07 PM
Category: MOD
Device: Samsung Galaxy R i9103
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Description: Hello guys,

Im fuss132, the orginal creator of Horsepower kernel for the I9100G. So let us port some things from the I9100G to this device I dont own the device so it could be that sometimes something is not working, please give me some time I will fix the problems if there are any. Thanks to ardatdat for his ramdisk source!

Kernel can be used on:

Every stock ICS Rom from Samsung


- GPU at 400mhz
- CPU OC to 1.2 Ghz
- prerooted
- init.d script support enabled
- updated tegra drivers
- many governors like:
  • savagedzen governor
  • sakuractive governor
  • brdzilianeax governor
  • minmax governor
  • abyssplug governor
  • lulzactive governor
  • lazy governor
  • pegasusq governor
  • smartassv2 governor
  • scary governor
  • HYPER governor
  • wheatley governor

Changelog (1.0.9):
  • increase free ram to 835mb *)
  • overclock the gpu to 400mhz *)
  • enabled lower 1.2ghz oc
*) Thanks to ardatdat for his patches

Changelog (1.0.5):
  • OC of CPU upto 1.4ghz
  • add support of core2 management
  • optimized tegra drivers for better power management (see github for details)

Changelog (Initial Release 0.0.0):
  • Disabled BrickBug
  • Add preroot
  • Add init.d support
  • Added savagedzen governor
  • Added sakuractive governor
  • Added brdzilianeax governor
  • Added minmax governor
  • Added abyssplug governor
  • Added lulzactive governor
  • Added lazy governor
  • Added pegasusq governor
  • Added smartassv2 governor
  • Added scary governor
  • Added HYPER governor
  • Added wheatley governor
  • Updated interactive governor
  • Updated interactiveX governor
  • Updated lagfree governor
  • Changed default governor to smartassv2

Complete Horsepower 0.0.0 Pre Releases:

Have a look to the attached files

Howto Install:

CWM way: Copy the .zip to the sdcard, go into recovery, hit "install zip from sdcard" and pick the previous downloaded .zip
Heimdall way: heimdall flash --kernel boot.img


Save your battery and disable the second core of your android device when you dont need it!
!- This app is only for dual core devices made by Samsung -!
This app should work on most android dual core devices from Samsung (maybe also on others but these are untested!). Please report on which devices the app works and on which it doesnt. You have to be rooted! Every time you reboot you need to redisable second core! If the second core starts again at some time use another governor. Not working with hotplug!

Tested devices:

* Galaxy S2 I9100
* Galaxy S2 I9100G
* Galaxy S3
* Galaxy S1
* Galaxy R I9103
* Galaxy Nexus


You can find my sources at github

You can use my compile script in order to get a faster compiling progress!



if [ $1 = "kernel" ]; then
rm -r modules
rm -r zImage
mkdir modules
cd kernel

make tegra_n1_defconfig ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=$TOOLCHAIN
make -j8 ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=$TOOLCHAIN modules

cp arch/arm/boot/zImage ../zImage
cp drivers/scsi/scsi_wait_scan.ko ../modules/scsi_wait_scan.ko
cp drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd/dhd.ko ../modules/dhd.ko
cp drivers/samsung/fm_si4709/Si4709_driver.ko ../modules/Si4709_driver.ko
cd ..

if [ $1 = "clean" ]; then

rm -r modules
cd kernel
make -j8 ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=${TOOLCHAIN} clean

Howto build:

mkdir workingdirectory
cd workingdirectory
git clone https://github.com/fuss132/android_k...samsung_n1.git -b ics kernel
gedit build.sh (insert the file above)
chmod 777 build.sh

To clean your working directory: ./build.sh clean
To build the kernel + modules: ./build.sh

If you have any questions about compiling, please contact me!