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Oringally Published: 31st May 2012, 06:27 PM
Udpated: 17th September 2012, 12:54 PM
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Device: Xperia P
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I present to you
KA03 Xperia SSpeed
21/06: KA03 Xperia SSpeed released & changelog updated on 3rd post
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Dear Xperia P users,

This rom is based on .564 stock firmware. I tweaked it to have better performance and smoothness

I hope you enjoy my rom

2nd post

- Pre-rooted
- Lots of tweaks
- init.d support
- Statusbar toggles
- Swipe to remove notification
- Hide data notifications
- All stock features
- New wallpapers
- New phone off charging animation

== download == KA03 Xperia SSpeed ==
- KA Xperia SSpeed: KA Xperia SSpeed XDA Fileserver

- Mediafire: KA03 Xperia SSpeed Xperia P

I kindly ask everyone not to mirror my download links. Thank you

== download == Addons ==
- Battery % mod:
- Volume to wake:

- Sony for the .564 fw release
- r-ikfoot for base of init.d scripts (Added tweaks myself and optimised them)
- shuttleu for statusbar with toggles (themed them myself)
- Hansip87 for making SemcPhone.apk compatible with 2g/3g toggle (Not yet implemented)
- Windows X for Xperia Fidelity script
- Let me know if I forgot to add you if I added your work to my rom

==Installation instructions==
Important! Only for unlocked bootloader
AROMA Touch doesn't work yet, instead use volume buttons to navigate, home button to confirm and back button to go back
- Flash the rom via recovery & enjoy it With first boot screen could be black for some time after the boot animation, it's too short
- [optional] Go to settings => privacy => and do a factory reset after installation

I am not responsible for damage to your device, use at own risk!
==Future Updates==
- Check third post

==Known Bugs==
- Report them and I will try to fix them as soon as possible

==Signature image==