[ROM] Xperian Blaze V3 - Xperia S Style {New} Stock Kernel Only!!

Oringally Published: 9th May 2012, 07:19 PM
Udpated: 20th October 2012, 09:01 PM
Category: ROM
Device: XPERIA X10 Mini Pro
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Description: What's New

1.Xperia S LockScreen

2.Xperia S Modded UI

3.Motion Flow Technology

4.Xperia S Themes

5.All New Xperia Home

6.Increased Battery Life

7.Faster And Better

8.All New PhoneBook App

9.Xperia S Modded Music Player

10.Walkman Player


1. Xperia S Styled Icons

2. Mobile BRAVIA Engine And XLOUD Hack

3. SRS Audio 3D Surround Sound (works only with official Sony Headset)

4. Super Fast Performance

5. Superior Battery Performance (only with a medium load and No WiFi)

6. Xperia S Ringtones

7. Xperia S Wallpapers

8. Stable And Perfect For Day-To-Day Use

9. Xperia S Widgets


Xperian Blaze Is Created On The Basis Of MiniCM7 Pro..Thanks To NobodyAtAll,
Paul xxx And The X10 Man

Message To The Users!!

Xperian Blaze V3 NAa Version Will Be Rolling Out On Later October

At First Boot The Rom Will Be Slow This Is Perfectly Normal


Let Me Know If Any!!!!



2.Stock Kernel -

3.ClockWork Mod


Lockscreen Adjustment

1.Go To Settings - XperianBlaze Settings - Lockscreen - Style Options - Lockscreen Style - Sliding Tab.

Installation Process

1.Boot To CWM or XRecovery

2.Choose Install Custom Zip And Select Xperian Blaze Vx And Install

3.Wipe Cache Partition And Do A Factory Reset


5.At First Boot There Won't Be Any Network(This Is Normal)

6.Arrange Your Icons Per Your Choice (Optional) And Reboot

7.Then The ROM Will Be Workin' Perfectly

8.Flash The Modules Only If You Are Using V2 Music Edition


Download Links

Xperian Blaze V3 -

V2 Music Edition -

V2 Music Edition Modules -

V2 -

V1.1 -

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