[KERNEL][ARC/ARC S]ArcKnight Kernel_4 (ICS)/ Update October 29th!!

Oringally Published: 13th April 2012, 05:36 PM
Udpated: 1st November 2012, 07:22 PM
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Device: Xperia Arc
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Description: Please note the Kernel Will only Work in ROM based on ICS for Example: JJ's ROM, ICS Beta, ICS Official, MIUI V4, Arconium ICS etc... but not in CM9 since it uses its own Kernel.

Hi Guys!

First and foremost i'd like to thank all the great developers for the Sony (Ericsson) phones specially FXP (Jerpelea), Zdizihu, Bin4ry, Blagus and DoomLord. I've been part of the development experience since back on the X10 days when J&Z teamed up to create the first working version of Froyo for us and now that I've jumped to the Arc wagon it's great to see them supporting us as well.

I've worked/read a lot trying to understand how Android works and litle by litle i've understand a lot of things and doing my experiments as well. I'm not by any means a "Huge", "Great" or Super Skilled developer such as the ones mentioned above but i'm learning and trying to be just like them to bring more things to our devices.

Based on the experience I want to give back something to such rich community that have helped me in one way or another, this is the reason why I'm giving you my Arc-Night Kernel.

Why the name "Arc-Night Kernel"

Well I work from 7Am to 5Pm, I'm married and recently my first baby was born so as you might know it really takes a lot of time to take care of all that, hence the development/reading have happened during the nights only (Up to 12am).

Ok, enough said I want to know what's this kernel all about!!

The kernel was made for personal use, it was a personal project to understand what the kernel is and how it is build. I made it and then all the porting, tweaking started until i realized why not let other users more options other than stock plus and DoomKernel (Which are great by the way).

Kernel Main Features/ Changelog:

ArcKnight RC2.2 - Joker_BFS:
ArcKnight RC2.2 - Joker Edition:
ArcKnight RC2:
ArcKnight RC1:

ArcKnight V8:
ArcKnight V7 FINAL:
Version 6:

Version 5:
Version 4:
Version 3:
Version 2:
  • FIXED Camera Error with some Extra RAM yet...

Version 1:
  • OverClock up to 2GHZ.
  • Init.d Scripts Support.
  • Slightly Modified voltages Table (UV).
  • CMW Pre-installed - Thanks to Cobrato.
  • Increased RAM by reclaimed Unused Cam Memory (FXP Sources).
  • 0% Battery Friendly - Thanks to Bazoocase.
  • Tweaked Conservative Governor (Based on Midnight Kernel (SGS).
  • Tweaked Sio Scheduler.
  • Two Way Recording Call patch (Didn't test it).
  • Tweaked Ondemand Governor (Based on Zachariasmaladroit's work (SGS)).
  • Powersave, Performance and Conservative as Available Governors.
  • Deadline and Noop as available Schedulers.
  • Support for ext2,ext3,ext4 and NTFS FileSystems.
  • Based on ICS Beta Sources.
  • Extra Addon with Modules so Users can load just what they Want! (More details on this below).

The Addon Package is an stand alone flashable zip that includes a number of modules so the user decides wether he/she use them or not, it is like removing bloat ware and to give the user the free to choose how to tweak their own phone.

List of available modules that can be insmoded after the kernel has booted:
  • SIO io scheduler.
  • VR io scheduler.
  • CFQ Frequency Governor.
  • SmartAss Frequency Governor.
  • SmartAssV2 Frequency Governor.
  • Powersave Frequency Governor.
  • TWEAKED Ondemand Frequency Governor.
  • AS io scheduler.
  • Userspace Frequency Governor.
  • Cifs.ko.
  • Tun.ko.

To load any of those modules just do insmod /system/lib/modules/"nameofthemodule" and if you want to use them at boot time you can use a init.d script.

Bugs Known Issues:
  1. Update April 27: NONE AT THE MOMENT!!!

How to flash Arc-Night Kernel:
  1. Put the phone in Fastboot mode
  2. In terminal do: fastboot flash boot Arc-Night_Kernel_V1.img
  3. Hit Enter
  4. When Led lights turn on press any key to go into recovery.
  5. Clean Cache and dalvik Cache to avoid any issues.
  6. If you come from DoomKernel be sure to start from scratch since most likely you have flashed his WiFi modules and it will not work on my Kernel.

Downloads/Recomendations in Second Post!

Updates Plans
  • Port other Frequency Governors Like Lagfree, BFQ, etc...
  • Fix Camera Issue without removing the Reclaimed Camera Memory - Done in V2
  • Create Script to be used like Supercharger to load specific modules chosen by user only.
  • Upgrade WiFi drivers to provide more signal range (Just like in FXP's CM9).

Sources?: Here!!