[ROM]CyanoCream Sandwich (v2.0) (v2.1 soon and last) [UP 11/23/11]

Oringally Published: 5th November 2011, 02:40 AM
Udpated: 8th December 2011, 11:27 PM
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Device: XPERIA X10 Mini Pro
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Bad information today...

So... I was very very very very very very busy, so I didn't have any time to look at this thread, to know what are the bugs of the 2.0 version... I know that some (maybe a lot xD) prefer the 1.2.4 version because it is based on MiniCM7Pro ! But I had no time to work on it, and look into rebase my ROM on MiniCM7Pro !

I am moving to an HTC Sensation tomorrow !

But I will release a last version (2.1), simply the same as the 2.0 but based on MiniCM7Pro !

After that I will never update my ROM anymore because i will give my phone to a friend for him to discover the most powerfull, beautyfull, and best OS for smartphones !

But I will upload my sources to my mediafire account, it will just be a zip file, with all the things I change in my ROM

I discovered XDA through FrAndroid (the most popular French blog on Android) on December 2010 ! Owain94 and MikeVHL just started to make ROMs for this phone (CyanogenMod 6, remember ) and I was very happy to have Android 2.2 on my phone x)
Time left, D4 and slade87 take the lead of this section, and give us the most powerfull ROMs that we can had on our phones !
After that, paul-xxx (B-Paul, on is country forum ) reached the front of the stage to join D4 and slade

I will never forget this Xperia X10 Mini Pro community, I spent the best years of my life with you (with my friend and my girlfriend to don't worry xD) !

I want to thanks all the devs who had worked on our great phone to keep it alive as long as possible, I can't make a list it will be to long, every contribution is important...
And I want to thanks scook94, Echo6502, mika-nl, nit3wolf, agentsandy007 and many other for supporting me and helping me to answer all noobs question

Thanks again, I will miss you Xperia X10 Mini Pro community...

OOOOhh Eyama... I forgot you... I was using your port of GingerDX during a long time x) Sorry...

Hi guys !
I made a ROM : CyanoCream Sandwich !

Please re-read this post entirely I've made a lot of change for version 2.0!

This ROM is totally based on Flame.E v0.4 (BÍta) ! This awesome ROM is made by Eyama, don't forget to thank him !
Why this ROM and not MiniCM7Pro or GinTonic.SE ? Because MiniCM7Pro, is too buggy, iptables are not present etc.
GinTonic.SE is an Odexed ROM so I can't do everything I want with the ROM...
So I choose Flame.E, who is as stable as GinTonic.SE and Desodexed

This ROM brings together all the tweaks, theme, ringtones, look and fell that coming from Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) for our little smartphones !

Screenshots (from 2.0 version) :

Theme :

Ultra-lite version :

Gallery :

Music :

Market :

Mini ROM Manager :

Widgetlocker (not included) :

Go Launcher EX (not included) :

Features :

- ICS theme by Sonnysekhon.
- ICS Statusbar v1.0 by ZduneX25.
- ICS Ring Lockscreen by DaemonAndMeagan.
- ICS Ringtones, Alarms and Notification Sound by Suby Will.
- ICS Bootanimation resized by sksm.
- ICS new font : ROBOTO now with Clock font by 3xeno.
- ICS animations by tony-noob.
- ICS Music app by febycv.
- Built-in ICS Wallpapers providing by Gustavo RD78.
- New Android Market (v3.3.11) by Google.
- Mini ROM Manager (v5.3) (extracted from GinTonic.SE v2.5.1) by slade87 & D4.
- SuquashiInputMethod.apk without language bar by Eyama.

Requirements :

- ClockWorkMod Recovery installed.
- 2.1.1.A.0.6 Sony Ericsson Firmware.
- M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015 Baseband.
- Works on Stock and Custom Kernel

Installation :

/!\ For getting this ROM to work, it's very very important to read and apply carefully the instructions, there is almost no chance to brick your phone, but you must apply this instructions. /!\

For the new 2.0 version you MUST do the "first install" installation, with all wipes, bootloop, sweats (xD) etc. Sorry for desagrement...

If you are installing this ROM for the first time :

1- Reboot into ClockWorkMod Recovery.
2- Backup your current ROM !
3- Do a Factory Reset/Full Wipe.
4- Go to Advanced and Wipe Dalvik-cache.
5- Install the ROM ("CyanoCream Sandwich (v***).zip").
6- Do an other Factory Reset/Full Wipe.
7- And an other Wipe Dalvik-cache.
8- Now Reboot...
9- ... and you wil get a Bootloop x) it's normal.
10- Remove your Battery during 15 seconds.
11- Put the battery into your phone.
12- Boot into CWM Recovery.
13- Install the first Hotfix ("CCS (v***)").
14- Flash also the modules ("CCS Modules (v***).zip") if you are using the Stock Kernel !
14- And again... Do an other Factory Reset/Full Wipe...
15- And an other Dalvik-cache wipe...
16- Reboot...
17- The ROM work ! But it missing the ICS statusbar layout !
18- So Reboot into CWM Recovery (for the last time ).
19- Install the second Hotfix ("CCS (v***)").
20- Reboot...
21- And now... ENJOY 8D

If you are upgrading from an older version of this ROM :

1- Reboot into CWM Recovery.
2- Install the update ("CyanoCream Sandwich (v***)").
3- Reboot.

Download :

- ROM (v2.0) ->
- ROM [Ultra-lite] (v2.0) ->
- Modules (Flash if you are using Stock Kernel) ->
- Hotfix1 (v2.0) (needed only for the first intall) ->
- Hotfix2 (v2.0) (needed only for the first intall) ->

Do you want more ?

- Are you using LauncherPro ? Download this ICS theme for LauncherPro, made by Sonnysekhon ! Here ->
Just Download and select it into LauncherPro !
- Are you using ADW Launcher or Go Launcher EX ? Download the ICS theme for them ! Here ->
Just Download and select into ADW or Go Launcher !
- You want a nice ICS-like Lockscreen ? Download Widgetlocker ! Here ->
Just Download and activate it !

Q&A (taking from original MiniCM7 Pro thread) :

Q - I can't mount the usb storage...
A - Just clic on the big Bugdroid !

Q - Incomning call slider close number?
A - Go to Settings -> CyanogenMod -> Lockscreen -> Style options -> Incomning call stlye -> replace to "Ring"

Q - White background in messages?
A - Go to Messages -> Menu button -> settings -> And enable checkbox in "Black background" -> Restart messages

Q - No working Wi-Fi or USB Tether?
A - Use Barancle Wi-Fi Tether

Q - Freeze phone and restart after install app?
A - Wipe User Data via CWM.

Q - Is when I press "W" on physical keyboard it writes "Z" on phone and vice versa?
A - Go to settings -> language & output -> disable check box in the "android keyboard and go to mini rom manager -> tab Extras -> change hw keyboard layout and select your keyboard for example AZERTY.

Q - Disabled Undervolt after overclock?
A - Undervolt so is contained in the Overclock it to include you can not!

Q - WiFi does not work...
A - Read this or this.

Known Bugs :

- None...

Credits :

- Eyama of course !
- AChep
- DaemonAndMeagan
- sksm
- serajr
- slade87
- D4
- nAa
- Mika-nl
- Google
- The CyanogenMod Team

I don't ask for any donation, just hit the THANK button, this is the only way to thank me, and it's free !