[Drivers] LG Mobile Support Tool / Nvidia NvFlash APX Driver for LGP999DW G2x

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Description: Thought I would make a one stop shop for driver support.

These are all the drivers you need to support and mod your T-Mobile G2x Phone in Windows x64 and x386 based O/S.

LG Mobile Support Tool Application for the G2x P999DW

This app is for future upgrades and will also give you the option to install the current driver suite to support the phone in windows. The current LG Driver installer floating around is missing like 3 drivers. This app will get them all in.

*** This Does not include the Nvidia NvFlash Drivers*** (See below to get those.)

It's an easy method of installing the drivers needed for root, SD access for windows, modem , serial, etc... And will keep your drivers updated as well as your phone as updates are available.

  1. Download and extract the installer.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Plug the phone in to the USB cable to the computer.
  4. Launch app and click on install drivers. This will install the latest LG drivers.

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[B][SIZE="5"]Nvidia NvFlash APX Driver[/SIZE][/B]

  • Unlike a lot of Android phones out there the Nvidia Tegra2 chipset require additional drivers in Windows to support low level flashing.

Install Instructions for Nvidia NvFlash APX Windows Driver

(Windows x86 and x64 O/S Drivers):
****If you are running VmWare kill it.****
  1. Remove the battery.
  2. Plug in your USB cable to your PC.
  3. Hold Vol Up/Down keeping them held down.
  4. Plug in the USB cable to your phone. (Keep the buttons held until Windows detects a new APX device.)
  1. Open Device Manager in Windows and you should see "APX Device" listed with an error icon.
  2. Right click on the APX device.
  3. Select 'Update driver software'.
  4. Select 'Browse my computer...'.
  5. Select 'Let me pick...'.
  6. Select 'Have disk'.
  7. Browse to directory you extracted the *driver* software to: \"Nvidia APX Windows Drivers".
  8. Accept any warnings, including the big red alert (you may need to disable UAC (User Account Control)).

Now in Device Manager under 'USB Controllers' you should have an 'NVIDIA USB Boot-recovery driver for mobile devices'.

If not, uninstall the driver, reboot, rinse and repeat.
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