Stock Deodexed FI27 Customized slightly...

Oringally Published: 14th October 2012, 03:20 AM
Udpated: 19th October 2012, 04:30 AM
Category: ROM
Device: Epic 4G Touch
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Description: Ok so this is my entrance into trying to develop for android and giving back to the community.
Since this is my first rom, I left it mostly stock, with a few add ons.

Please forgive any errors, I'm a NOOB! LOL

Included are some of my favorite apps, and a few other things I forgot what they were lol.

Included apps are Titanium Backup, CPU Sleep, Notification Toggles (Adds custom buttons to status bar, negating the need for extended toggles), Root Uninstaller, Root Explorer, Cachemate cache cleaner, A few different Launchers, DX Battery Saver, Drippler ( Keep up to date on tons of stuff E4GT related), TweetLanes (my personal favorite Twitter alternative) and a Sense style clock

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me along the way.

Timmetal6669 - Thanks bro, without your guidance, I'd be bricked, no doubt.

Sniper - Your suggestions and help with some of my scripts were a life saver

Kobridge - For your init.d tweaks and scripts

Manufan - For allowing me to pull some apps and ideas from your roms

Rujelus - For your recovery kernel (sorry that you went uncredited for so long, I didn't realize I had done that)

Venum - For bringing that to my attention so that I don't look like a complete dick lol

Agat - For your recovery kernel

Rwilco, crawj, & sextape - for the resources and base rom

IMPORTANT! : REQUIRES A CLEAN INSTALL AND REBOOT AFTER FIRST LOAD! No idea why, but nothing wanted to work on initial boot.

Initial Release: FI27 Base, The Kuban Recovery, select included apps

Second Release: Changed to Agats recovery kernel for init.d support, and added kobridges tweaks