[12.13.12] (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻ v1.9.4 LINARO 12.10![AOSP 4.0.4]

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(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻


I only care about ICS!!!

This is my Adrenalized version of CM9!

Here is what you have to look forward to:

*GUTTED. Considered to be De-Bloated "further". Increased the speed
*removed a good portion of media tones and kept the few I liked.
*data/app ability added
*init.d tweaks for battery and performance
*fixed perms for init.d so hopefully it all works now!
*FUNKY KERNEL by Snuzzo! All frequencies undervolted by 50mv! 2 new governors to add for all you girls and boys to enjoy! On a sleep test last night, only 4% battery was lost in 8 hours! Thanks Snuzzo
*Custom wallpaper by localceleb! suweeeeeet
*Working Google Now WITHOUT the voice workaround and a true working jelly bean voice search made available by udz2002 for the find (requires a flash of my gapps package)
*Working Camera and Video recording both rear and front facing. *NOTE: Streaming video recording force closes for now like with Skype or Hangout (Gtalk)
*Working WiFi
*No wakelock issues
*No Multitouch issues
*Working Bluetooth (call quality issue is still present obviously)
*Working frequency and Governor Control
*Working 3G/4Glte
*Beats Audio/DSP Mod. Thanks to xda member "Awesome" for modifying! Make sure you check out all your options in "Awesome Beats"
*SEVERAL Build.prop tweaks for optimized battery performance, internet speed, and system speed.
*Removed Nova and the Standard Launcher and replaced with Apex ( can provide flashables of the originals if you want them back)
*WiFi tether app added and tested working fine (added because native tether does not work)
*Google Ears (Sound Search Widget)(part of gapps flash package)
*Added back my favorite ICS calculator.
*Inverted Calendar
*Inverted Messaging (with working mms!)
*Inverted E-mail and Exchange
*Inverted Gmail (my gapps package)
*Inverted Contacts
*Inverted Play Music (my gapps package)
*Inverted Play Store (my gapps package)
*Inverted GTalk (my gapps package)
*Inverted Youtube (my gapps package)

PLEASE NOTE: This picture is with the "Cobalt Theme" and available for download in the app market.
Default wallpaper is user set-able

***NOTE*** If this is your first time coming to an AOSP Rom and you are S-ON, you will need to extract the boot.img and flash it in hboot after the rom flash.

FOR BEST PERFORMANCE, FLASH WITH AMON RA RECOVERY. (Downwload link for Amon Ra in Post #2) I can't stress this enough.

Click to Download--->(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻ v1.9.4 Linaro!
md5: c328f34620be628a4ac6abb8b4773943
***DO NOT FLASH GAPPS! They are now baked in. Doing so solves a number of problems and this build should be the most stable of them all***

CM9-Rage1.9.4-DevEdition (12/13/12)
md5: 2c8d4aa0ab0e62be5f48bcd5b06c2c42
(Unsupported build. Made for me personally but you're welcome to try it)

Let me know of any bugs that may be in the official build!

If you like my work, donations are always accepted!!

[mbobino] - For teaching me how to compile roms and always willing to help.
[Snuzzo] - For the amazing Funky Kernel in this rom!
[localceleb] - For his custom wallpaper in this rom!
[dmeadows013] - For teaching me how to compile AOKP for the Rez and allowing me to be the nightly maintainer.
[XRaptor29] - For inspiring me to start developing.
Wildstang83 - For answering dev questions and always willing to help.

A big THANK YOU to the following XDA Members for their generosity! I appreciate everything!
Please PM me with your username if you are one of the following non xda user names listed below so that I may have you recognized properly.

CompTek | Matthew S. | Christopher E.
WeThePeople13 | David P. | He W.
RolandDeschain | William M. | Benjamin J.
Drew C. | Eric K. | Valerie M.
Matthew P. | Ryan K. | Eric B.
Tad H. | Jeremy M. | Shawn T.
B.MAC | Brandon E. | Max M.
JL. | bestechnow | localceleb
Thomas W. | Andy M. | David A.
whotahnHTC | Brian M. | Jared G.

Guys if you like the rom, consider donating! It's always appreciated and will go directly to helping me support my mini me's insatiable desire to consume ice cream!

Mine: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/websc...=ER36WF5HCHTEU

Chad's: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/we...22c6eea13ecd7b

snuzzo: http://forum.xda-developers.com/dona....php?u=3419683

shrike1978: http://forum.xda-developers.com/dona....php?u=4152223

SynisterWolf: http://forum.xda-developers.com/dona....php?u=2918354

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