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Hello XDA-Members Here is the New Thread for Mokee OS As of now we will use this Thread for Mokee

Introduction :

"MoKee OS" the ROM project code-named Magic Fun series. Based third-party ROM CM7 source development for specific models MoKee team is committed to providing a more stable and easier to use, more powerful, in line with the Chinese users to use third-party firmware.

Release Status :

OTA support :
Support Note: derived from the principle of OTA incremental updates, streamlining of the system program or changes will affect the normal operation of the OTA, modify the ROM's shoes, please brush complete package.

Download :

Features :

♦ Based On CM 7.2
♦ Revised CM Theme system
♦ Expanded Status bar
♦ Multi-Touch Settings
♦ Adblock (update host list from our server)
♦ Advance Switches ( Google service switcher, auto call record, shutter sound switch.)
♦ Baseband Switcher (BasebandSwither v4 is from "")
♦ OverClock Settings
♦ Screen Test to check dead pixel
♦ Interface to check your purchase infomation
♦Ssupport tethering & portable hotspot
♦ ROM Updator
♦ New MK Launcher (Mokee Launcher)
♦ Up to Date Google apps
♦ Supports 720 Video Recording.

Update content :

DEFY + :
DEFY + version using the DEFY + the battery patches, DEFY BL excessive user brush the DEFY + exchange DEFY patch patch download address packet attention:

General :
Repair horizontal screen, click on the tray program bug no display
Repair can not create a desktop shortcut bug
The amendments SMS add an attachment - shooting video FC
Speaking of missing the program field

Opinions improvements :
The new lock screen exit animation attribution database update merged to the latest Google AOSP CM7
To update Google service package to streamline Framework useless code

Screenshots :

Downloads :

Defy Version :

Defy Plus Version :

Battery Fix for Defy + : :

Thanks to :
uriel_zo (For Introducing such Awesome Rom in XDA) , , vid190 and Others for their Contribution

Revised Version :

Here is the Revised version of Mokee OS

Change Log :
♦ Replace MK Launcher with Launcher Pro.(Nice Interface)
♦ Updated Google Apps
♦ Added new Themes (LIGUX + Sence + MIUI + LG Optimus + Auro )
♦ Integrates CM Settings
♦ Integrates DSP Manager
♦ Integrates advanced settings, you can set the font and window effect
♦ Replaced Free Login calendar
♦ Added of Long Pig a key lock screen
♦ Added Proximity Sensor.
♦ Added iris for Android (iris)
♦ Replace Mokee Bootanimation with Nexus Bootanimation.

Screenshots :

Defy Plus Version :

Kernel For Defy Version :
(Use this Kernel to flash Defy+ version on your Defy....)

Next Release :
♦ Will be the Aroma Installation
♦ Will Change Call Interface.
♦ And Many More.........


Changes V1.6


# Improved sound libraries
# Adjusted for shock
# Fercuencias differentiation in the higher bands
# Beatbass
# New Engine amplification
# Fixeadas transitions
# Ear protection (pre-saturation peak protection for external speaker)
# Fix xLOUD wrapper
#Optimization audio processor

- Base Quarx.
- Kernel October 18 Quarx [V1]

Oct27-Kernel [V1.1]
- Android 4.1.2.
- 1.1 Ghz.
- Acid mod
- Baseband functional native.
- Tethering functional. (Wifi and Bluetooth)
- Auto zip-aling.
- Full SuperCharger
- Auto-RAM free.
- 5MP Cam.
- Theme Chooser.
- Bravia Engine
- Selective HWA.
- Icons Os Mokee
- Fixed xLOUD
- Script Clearbass
- Support SRS (modded krab)
- FX setting (playing with the eq if the speaker distorts)
- Dolby Surround (direct undistorted)
- Walkman player
- Libs Sony
- Go into Settings> Sound> Sound Effects and select "DolbyEQ"
- Just in case is the case you have trouble Awesome harmonic distortion.
- If you use Walkman player, modify the values ​​in the FX Settings widget.
- If using N7 Player selected speaker for headphones with Dolby Mobile (codec issue).


- Block Ad's
- Tweaks build.prop
- GPS-conf Argentina ..
- Dalvik Jit mode.
- 3G Tweaks
- Tweaks battery.
- Cron
- Defrag
- Ring without delay
- Launcher in memory.
- Buffers.
- KK
- Debug Tunning.
- Quick Start.
- Improved Scrolling
- Best Streaming
- GPU Performance init.d.
- Memory init.d extreme.
- Control sysctrlnet init.d.
- Init.d SQL optimizer.
- TPC init.d BUFFERS.
- Thunderbolt Tweaks System.
- Init.d Zipalign.
- Inid.d SQLite.
- Sysctl.conf boost.
- OpenVPN.
- Sysctl Tweaks


- Delayed start Bootanimation (goes black with red LED), in this case if you wait too long [more than 20-30 seconds] remove the battery and restart. If the problem continues, reinstall
- Reboot Recovery in PowerMenu not work.
- The same as the last build of Quarx, though not suffer cuts to film 3g or lag.

Thanks to : hootch for Jelly Bean

V1 [kernel independent v4]

ROM: ROM Defy/Defy+
Gapps: Google Apps
Update kernel: Custom Kernel

V1.1 [kernel October 27 (v4) integrated]

ROM:ROM Defy/Defy+
Gapps:Google Apps


ROM:ROM Defy/Defy+
Gapps:Google Apps

Installation v1:

- Wipe data / factory reset
- Wipe cache partition
- Install zip from sdcard> Choose zip> Jelly
- Install zip from sdcard> Choose zip> gapps
- Reboot (leave a little while to load the system)
- Restart in Recovery
- Install zip from sdcard> Choose zip> Update kernel.
- Reboot
Installation v1.1:

- Wipe data / factory reset
- Wipe cache partition
- Install zip from sdcard> Choose zip> Jelly
- Install zip from sdcard> Choose zip> gapps
- Reboot
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