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Udpated: 30th December 2012, 04:40 PM
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Device: Galaxy S III
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With this Rom you will get:
  • Full customized installation with Aroma
  • 4.2 apps from the Nexus 4
  • More free ram
  • Hacked Multiwindow for all apps
  • Removed bloat
  • AOSP/Samsung hybrid rom
  • 23 Toggles
  • Multi language
  • GNex icons
  • Call Recording
  • No SMS in logs
  • Bass Boost
  • A choice of 21 custom bootanimations
  • Modems, Kernels, Music Players, Recoveries, Keyboards, Galleries, Cameras, and many framework mods
  • Multiple 'under the hood' system tweaks to improve;
  • Battery
  • Speed
  • Performance
  • 3g Signal
  • Wifi
  • Media tweaks
  • Better internet speeds
  • Better streaming quality
  • as well as many other mods n tweaks
  • The Rom is now at a stage where its nearly a Release Candidate

XXELL5 CodecROM 10.1 Black Edition Changelog (21 Dec)

Base Firmware: I9300XXELL5 (4.1.2)
Region: Europe
Country: Germany
Carrier: Unbranded
Samsung Build Date: 11 December 2012
Modem: Ususal & new BUELK1
CSC: Custom 122
Change List: 672976
Custom ROM Version: 10.1
JB Domination 1.4.4 AOSP Black Theme
GNex Icons From Shakeyabooti@XDA (Aroma)
Quickpanel icons (SII ROM) (Aroma)
Shutdown animation (SII ROM) (Aroma)
GM’s Fast Dormancy Toggle
Download All
App Widget Picker
All Latest Versions Of Apps
Easy UMS
Faster Fix
Google Reader
Galaxy Volume Modifier

File Manager
Video editor

Inverted Apps
Google Plus
Google Reader
Music Player
And More..
Removed Bloat - will be uploaded to ota and website soon
Removed Touchwiz

- Now you can choose from 4 themes for your installation procedure (MIUI, ICS, MIUI4, Sense)
- No calibration needed anymore
- Choose your language (Multiple available)
- Overhauled look and outlay
- Much more responsive
- Option to wipe Rom within Aroma
ExtSd2InternalSd & ExtSd2InternalSd ExFat
Ext4 Tweaks
Call Recording
No SMS In Logs
Mega Bass
Pop Up Browser

Graphic Mods:
Shakeyabooti GNex Icons
Centered Clock Or Stock

Choice Of Framework Mods:
Disable IME Switcher When Typing & Unplugging USB Doesnt switch screen on & Lock Screen Rotation & 4 Way Screen Rotation
Disable IME Switcher When Typing & Unplugging USB Doesnt switch screen on & Lock Screen Rotation
Disable IME Switcher When Typing & Unplugging USB Doesnt switch screen on
Disable IME Switcher When Typing
Unplugging USB Doesnt switch screen on

Other Framework Mods:
Mix n Match of:
Extended Power Menu
Volume Keys Skip Track When Screen Locked
Long Press Menu Kills App
All with AOSP Lockscreen

Stock (Latest)
Siyah (Latest)
Franco (Latest)
Perseus (Latest)
Speedmod (Latest)
Phenomenal (Latest)
GalaxSih (Latest)
Yank555 (Latest)
Boeffla (Latest)


JB (Holo)
LG Nexus 4

Default (CWM)
TWRP Touch
Philz Touch

Battery Icons
Stock Plus %
Stock Plus % Left Sided

Music Players
Ac!d Audio Engine (v5.0)
LG Nexus 4

AOSP (Nexus 4 with Gesture Support)

LG Nexus 4

Jobnik Modded Stock
LG Nexus 4 inc PhotoSphere
Jobnik Modded Note 2

Stock (AOSP Themed)

Shutdown Animation
Modded or Stock

Boot Animation
Choice of 21 custom
Video Of How To Flash By srivas95

This is a CWM flashable ROM, not to be used through Odin
Backup apps etc via Titanium Backup
Move my .zip file to your SD Card (Internal Storage)
Reboot into CWM
YOU MUST PERFORM ‘wipe Data/Factory Reset’
Choose ‘Install .zip from SD Card / Choose .zip from SD Card / XXDLJ4 CodecROM 8.5.2 S.E by DSA.zip
Select yes from the options
Choose your options in AROMA Installer, wait until install finishes and reboot



If you decide to donate:

Please send your donation to the RSPCA (A UK Based animal welfare charity)
They only survive by donations and are struggling with the amount of abandoned animals this year (More than ever)

This is the link:


  • If you refuse to read the thread and you ask a question that has been covered, i will ignore your post
  • If you find a bug, i want more than 'Hlap, mai fone broked'
  • You are flashing this at your own risk - I will not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong
  • ETA requests will be ignored
  • Requests for new mods will be read, not necessarily actioned
Things to note:
  • CodecROM settings only works in English, other languages will fc (Translations are being looked at)
  • AOSP Mms.apk is basically fixed for the threading issues, it depends on how you have your contacts set up
  • If you are experiencing lag in either of the galleries, wait for the phone to finish loading/caching all the images
  • Nexus 4 Camera - To operate the camera with flash, you have to keep your finger on the camera button to shoot a first flash, then release it and it should be fine
  • To repeat, i will not add in any Touchwiz features that aren't already in the ROM, this includes the Lockscreen so stop asking
  • Do not ask for ETA's or early changelogs...its rude
Team Alliance

If i forgot anyone, please let me know and i will add you in

10.1Base Firmware: I9300XXELL5 (4.1.2)Region: EuropeCountry: GermanyCarrier: UnbrandedBuild Date: 11 December 2012Modem: Ususal & new BUELK1CSC: Custom 122Change List: 672976Changes: Update Edition ROM is 818mb Added 23 Toggles (SystemUI is not fully themed at this time) Updated Play Store - 3.10.10 (Inverted & Multi DPI) Updated full theme to Vertumus 1.4.4 - still black pop ups and modded background Fixed adding event in Contacts Fixed Camera sounds (removed all sounds from all Cameras) Updated Modded YouTube - 4.2.16 (Inverted) Re-hacked AOSP Email (Removed keyguard and other security policy restrictions) Updated Gmail - 4.2.1 (Inverted) Fixed Multi Window Mod Added Quick Search (Inverted) Added Voice Search (Inverted) Added Google Voice Fixed Photosphere viewing problem (Nexus 4 Camera) Improved scrolling again (Optimum scrolling acheived using yank555 kernel cfq scheduler and lulzactive governor) Removed some more outdated mods - Improves responsiveness Changed some existing mods Fixed SMS/MMS message limit in stock Mms.apk - now fully adjustable Fixed SMS input method in stock Mms.apk - now fully adjustable Swapped unused/useless 'Download Mode' for 'Power Off' in all Extended Power Menu options Other minor background fixesAroma: Added Volume Keys Skip Track mod Added BUELK1 Modem Updated Perseus Kernel - 29.1 Updated Yank555 Kernel - 2.8d Updated Siyah Kernel - 1.8.5 Updated stock kernel Updated Apollo Music Player - 1.1 (Non Inverted) Updated Nova Launcher again - 2.0beta4 Updated Apex Launcher - 1.4.0 Removed Holo music player Added AOSP Lockscreen only mod Added AOSP Lockscreen/CRT mod Added AOSP Lockscreen/Menu Long Press mod Added Original AOSP Music player Updated both Jobnik Cameras - v8 Updated Touch Recovery - Added 2nd Touch Recovery - Added Stock recovery Added option to not flash a recovery...i dont get why you wouldn't want to though Updated Philz Touch Recovery - 3.81 Updated TWRP Touch Recovery - More apps now themed with Gnex icons (All will be finished in next version) Fixed grey volume pop up Some more framework icons modded Added icons for Blocking Mode and Home Screen Mode in GNex icons for settings menu Swapped Nexus4 Music Player for inverted version Updated all camera icons to AOSP Themed Downloads Thanks MyLifeRocks10 (Inverted Play Store) Vertumus (Theme) theos0o (Inverted modded Youtube) B-boy (Graphics) Justin860 (Inverted AOSP apps) Koush (Recovery Builder/CWM Touch) mskip (CWM Touch) Wanam (23 toggle mod) Kryten2k35 (Lidroid graphics and themed Lidroid settings app)10.0.1Changes: Update Edition ROM is 776mb Removed setting - "Auto power on/off" inside System Settings > More Settings Removed Emoji Keyboard Added CodecROM Settings and all associated apps back in CodecROM OTA is replaced with Goo Manager - Rom is hosted there too (Only for this Rom) Added Android Tuner for cpu modding when using stock kernel in Aroma Removed a bunch of outdated mods Removed Touchwiz setup wizard Added some new background system mods Removed Paper Artist Updated MultiWindow file Optimized Framework Optimized all audio files NFC now switched off as a default Updated APN list Minimal video recording fix added - feedback required so i know if i need to upgrade the mod to the full versionAroma: AOSP Mms.apk moved to Aroma again - choice of AOSP or stock (Themed by me as much as possible for those having issues with AOSP Mms.apk AOSP Mms.apk swapped for new version - Feedback required as it works for me Removed stock 4.1.1 Gallery (Sorry Warcow) Updated Jobnik modded camera - v7 Replaced Hyperx modded Note2 camera with Jobnik modded Note2 - v7 Removed all framework mods that were non-AOSP lockscreen mods - This is an AOSP Rom after all Fixed some non flashing GNex icons Added 100% Transparent statusbar mod - 25/50/75 will be added at a later date Added AOKP Boot animation Added CM10 Blue & White Boot animation Added Alien Boot animation Added Alien DNA Boot animation Added Anomoly Boot animation Added Wave Boot animation Added stock Android Boot animation Updated Nova Launcher Removed Chrome Browser  - AOSP Browser has been integrated into ROM Added Stock plus percentage left sided battery mod (Choice of left or center now) Added Horizontal Battery Added option to hide battery icons Added Apollo Music Player Improved flashing procedure Added option to wipe before flashing within Aroma - RECOMMENDED - I also recommend performing (before loading the the rom): In CWM Recovery - Mounts & Storage - Format /system Updated Perseus Kernel - 28.1 Updated Yank555 Kernel - 2.8aTheming: App Icons AOSP Lockscreen Icons Video Player Navigation Bar AOSP Keyboard (Aroma) Updated some AOSP theme parts to Vertumus' latest 1.4.1 Task Manager Added a couple of new GNex icons Swapped some Gnex icons for new blue versions A few minor other bits Apollo Music Player is inverted (Aroma) Backgrounds now have a grey tint to the top left corner - all pop ups remain blackThing to note: Stock Mms.apk in Aroma - Max sms limit per conversation and max mms limit per converstion have been modded (1000 & 20 respectively) and will FC if you try to change it (Why would you want to anyway?) - Im looking into it If Aroma hangs at any point of the installation, just press/hold home & power & volume up until the samsung logo appears and repeat thre processThanks Jobnik d8389 AOKP CM Goo.im Tectas alexanter the great The creators of the boot animations & new GNex icons10Base Firmware: I9300XXELKC (Official 4.1.2)Region: EuropeCountry: PolandCarrier: UnbrandedBuild Date: 30 November 2012Modem: XXELKC Plus usual selectionCSC: 122Change List: 566833Changes: Official Edition Rom is 780mb AOSP Messaging threading is fixed -  Swapped app for latest inverted AOKP app with quick reply built in & multiple other options I wil upgrade to the  23 Toggle mod when it gets AOSP themed, sticking with 15 toggles for now Added all previous modsWhole bunch of new background mods added: camera messaging contacts clock  browser  and others Changed some system mods again to improve stability/ram and battery - Optimization comes from using lulzactive & sio in STweaks (Siyah Kernel) Updated AOSP Email (Inverted & Hacked) Changed Play Store for new inverted version - 3.10.9 Removed SMS Enhancer Removed Easy UMS Options in Aroma have been reduced and tidied up - ROM is now about AOSP features more than other customizations which you can do yourself Removed CodecROM Settings, CodecROM OTA and associated apps - They will be back at a later date Im not a fan of the ink lockscreen so i wont be adding it - plus its not an AOSP feature Updated SuperSU & Binary- 0.99 Removed SPlannerappwdiget.apk as calender is AOSP Changed brightness values Boosted SDcard read/write speed to 2048kb as defaultAroma: Updated all kernels to latest versions Added ELKC Modem Added Philz Touch Recovery Removed choice of sounds - AOSP only now Removed Jellybean Music Player Removed Mms choice - AOSP only now Split 'IME switcher' & 'Unplug switches on screen' framework mods Removed 'Hot Reboot' from all reboot option mods Added AOSP Lockscreen & mods Fixed EPM Only mod Removed MIUI Launcher Removed XPeria S Launcher Removed Sony Music Player (Ac!d still remains with Walkman) Removed 360 Launcher Removed Nav Buttons from Framework mods as it gets in the way Updated SwypeThanks Phil3759 WanamAfter this upload, i will be concentrating on job hunting and updating the bloatware zip/adding the other aroma zips to the ota app & website (music players, kernels, recoveries etc) so unless theres a rom update from samsung, it might be a little while until 9.2 is out9.1 Changes: Black Edition Rom is 835mb Framework is now AOSP themed - Black pop ups/backgrounds - Maximum Darkness  Re-themed Multi Window and tab - Dark style bar, blue tab Video Recording fixed Removed Titanium Backup Removed Rom Toolbox Removed Holo Locker Fixed Nova Launcher FC on boot Updated some system apps Play Store should be working properly now Updated SiyahMODs - 4.2 Themed status bar drop down close button to blue Changed status bar drop down transparency to 60% Re-arranged CodecROM SettingsAroma: Updated AndroidGX Toggles - Final Version (Notification transparency fixed) Updated Yank555 Kernel - 2.5 Updated AC!D Audio Engine - 5.0 Updated Walkman Add-on - 5.0 Choice of Siyah Kernel 1.7 or 1.7rc1 - rc1 still gives better scrolling/transition smoothness and better battery than 1.7 final Removed unthemed 15 Toggles options Removed stock SystemUI clock mods Added old 4.1.1 stock gallery as choice Added Circle3 Battery mod Revamped Xoom Battery mod Updated Apex Launcher - 1.3.5 Update Holo Launcher - 1.0.8Thanks r-ikfoot (Ac!d Sound) AndroidGX (SystemUI Theme) raffaele88 (AOSP Theme parts) Kryten2k35 (Battery Theme Mods) whiskeybro (Multi Window Theme)THERE WILL BE NO OPTION IN AROMA TO CHANGE THE BLACK THEME, THIS IS THE POINT OF THE ROM. If you want to change it, flash the holo background mod in vertumus' thread9I9300XXELK4 Firmware Details: Android Version: 4.1.2 - JZO54K (Jelly Bean)PDA: I9300XXELK4CSC: Custom (121)MODEM: N/ARegion: Middle EastCarrier: UnbrandedChangelist: 487742Build Date: 8th November 2012Changes: Rom is 823mb ROM IS CONSIDERED BETA UNTIL OFFICIAL RELEASE FROM SAMSUNG All previous mods included FRAMEWORK IS UNTHEMED UNTIL VERTUMUS BRINGS OUT A NEW THEME - I have themed what i can for now For smoothest scrolling, use Siyah 1.7rc1 Kernel Multi-View (Multi Windows Multitasking, same as in Note II) Page Buddy Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard) New Stock Gallery App (Same as in Note II) Added Easy UMS to data/app Added Holo Locker to data/app (Integrated into CodecROM Settings) (Updated) Added SMS Enhancer to data/app (Integrated into CodecROM Settings) - Included CM10 style quick reply Added Titanium Backup to data/app (Updated) Added Rom Toolbox to data/app (Updated) Removed FlashPlayer More battery mods Changes to smoothness settings Updated SuperSU - 0.98 (inc binary) Updated SiyaMODs - 4.1  Swapped CM File Manager for Tectas' fixed root access version Added dark theme for CM File Manager Revamped some existing mods (sqlite, sd card speedix) Added network signal strength mod Updated Play Store - 3.10.9 (inverted) Multi-View modded to enable all apps Multi-View window is transparent Added Modded Youtube - 4.1.47 720p HD (over WiFi & 3G), screen off playback (Not inverted) Stock Mms.apk character limit should be fixed (Untested) AOSP Mms.apk still doesnt thread properly, use previous workaround (database being looked into) Removed Battery Bar Updated AOSP Calculator & Calender (Both inverted)Aroma: Changed framework mods Reverted Siyah Kernel back to 1.7rc1 Updated Nova Launcher - 1.3.3 Updated Google Music Player - 4.4811H.526848 (Not inverted) Added another 6 new custom Boot Animations Updated Perseus Kernel - alpha26 Updated GalaxSih Kernel - 2.0beta6 Removed Xperia S Keyboard Removed some redundant mods now rom is 4.1.2 Added repacked stock kernel Long Back Press removed - multi window is in its place now 15 Toggles option is AndroidGX Beta - DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT GRAPHICAL ISSUES Updated Perseus Kernel - alpha26.1Thanks Tectas Netfork Pikachu Wanam grgsiocl/Lidroid Kryten2k35 Justin860 AndroidGX8.6Base Firmware: I9300XXDLJ5 (4.1.1)Region AsiaCountry: IndiaCarrier: UnbrandedBuild Date: 24 October 2012Modem: UsualCSC: 121Change List: 411425Changes: Semi Experimental/Inverted Edition Changed ROM base setup (Should be more stable, faster, less issues and minor bugs) Removed hdic folder to increase space and decrease ROM size ROM is now 789mb Added SiyahMODs Inverted Gapps are back Tweaked a couple of battery mods Play Store is inverted again Swapped MyFiles for CM File Manager (Inverted) Updated Flash Player Aroma: Aroma boot up time reduced Added Custom Boot Animations (Choice of 7) Removed Visualizer from AC!D Engine Inc Walkman If Nav Keys Framework Mod is chosen, hardware keys are now disabled Added EPM/Volume Keys Skip Track/CRT Off/Long Back Press Kills App Framework Mod Updated Siyah Kernel - 1.7rc3 Updated Yank555 Kernel - 2.4bThanks Justin860 rlorange8.5.3OTA App is now working with 8.5.3, You can now download the bloatware zip (Others to come) directly to your phone. 8.6 XXDLJ5 will also be availiable via OTAChanges: ROM is now 780mb Added Emoji Keyboard Updated some system apps  Modded some settings in Apex Launcher Removed Recovery Executer Removed CPU Spy Removed CPU Tool Stats Removed Google Ears Fixed Google Voice Search Tidied up CodecROM Settings  Optimized apks - ROM is now faster  Modded default volume Fixed Bash bugAdded System Control for non Siyah Kernels (Added to CodecROM Settings), settings for: CPU Memory SD Card Virtual Machine GPS.conf - NOT COMPATIBLE Build.prop System Information Tools Reboot optionsAdded new Mms.apk - Threading works if you start the conversation through the contacts app for the first message, you can then access the thread directly though  the Mms.apk from then onwards....sending mms' works fine tooAroma: Removed themed AOSP 4.2 keyboard - replaced with stock 4.2 Added LG Nexus 4 - 4.2 Launcher Updated GalaxSih Kernel - 2.0-beta5 Updated boeffla Kernel - 2.1-beta3 Updated Yank555 Kernel - v2.3 Updated Abyss Kernel - 2.2.3 Final Added Best Group Pose to Note 2 Camera Added SRS Effects to Nexus 4 Music Player Added DDDLJ1 Modem LG Nexus 4 - 4.2 Clock is now themed  MIUI Launcher is now themed AOSP Mms.apk is inverted againThanks Wanam Juwe11 sunnylovesalman Basian Mile Special mention again for Brainbug01 for providing the ftp account which allows me to get back to where i need to be with the downloads 8.5.2Changes: Battery/LG Nexus 4 Edition Updated Play Store to new LG Nexus 4 - 4.2 (Version 3.9.17 - Not inverted) Lockscreen Time themed to Neon Blue Added new battery saving mod in Added proper AOSP Browser to Aroma - Removed modded SecBrowser.apk from being copied to SDCard during flash More battery mods added LG Nexus 4 - 4.2 Fonts Added LG Nexus 4 - 4.2 gps.conf - Better settings for GPS Added LG Nexus 4 - 4.2 Clock Added App Widget Picker back in Fixed Facebook sync Reduced lag when installing apps (still present slightly) ROM size is now 761mbAroma: Updated AOSP Keyboard to LG Nexus 4 - 4.2 with gesture support Added LG Nexus 4 - 4.2 Fixed Camera & Gallery with PhotoSphere (Option to bypass other Gallery & Camera mods added) Updated SpeedMod Kernel - K2-3 Themed LG Nexus 4 AOSP Keyboard Added Boeffla Kernel - 1.1 Updated GalaxSih Kernel - 2.0-beta2 Updated Yank555 Kernel - 2.1 Updated Holo Launcher Modded Ext4 Tweak - Better Battery Added LG Nexus 4 - 4.2 Chrome Browser - Choice of this or AOSP Added LG Nexus 4 - 4.2 Music Player Fixed GNex Icons Added Jobnik Modded Camera Updated Ac!d Audio Engine to 4.0 (Choice of engine only or with Walkman Addon) Added AOSP Mms.apk or Stock (Themed & modded settings)Thanks Smaberg Boeffla  devabhishek JobnikNOTE: AOSP Mms.apk is still being looked into for threading problem and sending mms'
AOKP 1.0Changes:EXPERIMENTAL EDITION – SUPPORT IS MINIMAL – This ROM is a preview of the direction im going in, i much prefer these ROMs to Samsungs and will be building from source soon ROM is 408mb Improved GPS fix Improved Hosts File EFS is backed up during flash GNex Icons Fully inverted/black framework and apps Added all system tweaks from previous CodecROM Samsung ROMs: Scrolling Battery 3G Wifi Media Signal GPS etc.. Full inverted/black Gapps included in ROM Added modded Youtube from previous ROM Swype integrated into ROM Added CM File Manager with inverted theme (Fixed root access) AOKP Rom Control – Full control over graphics/looks/performance/lockscreen etc All samsung mods are already included: Volume Keys Skip Track Long Back Press Kills App Lockscreen Rotation IME Switcher GNex Nav Buttons (Dont interfere with Camera) Removed some junk Added mVideo Player Added Nexus 4 Music Player Added AOKP Mms.apk with quick reply and other options (Inverted) And many more – For full list of AOKP M1 ROM features, visit the AOKP website CodecROM Settings Included (reduced list) CodecROM OTA is included but dormant You can extract the bootanimations to your SDCard from the ROM zip and then change it on the fly in ROM ControlAroma: Options in Aroma reduced by 80% to maximise compatability with AOKP ROMThanks AOKP CyanogenMod Phantom GamersAnd Adam Fisch, a.k.a. adamthecashew Bajee Baskararasa, a.k.a. Bajee11 Stephen Bird, a.k.a. birdman Brandon McAnsh, a.k.a. BMc08GT Curtis Menard, a.k.a. cmenard Gary Danko, a.k.a. gdanko Will DeBerry, a.k.a. hillbillyhacker86 Ilya K., a.k.a. K900 Khas Mek, a.k.a. KhasMek Dirk Rettschlag, a.k.a. MarcLandis Chris Yeninas, a.k.a. PhantomGamers Pierpaolo Pernici, a.k.a. pier Jacob Bell, a.k.a. ProTekk Rohan Mathur, a.k.a. rohan Roman Bird, a.k.a. roman Gergely Szell, a.k.a. sethyx Jason Stewart, a.k.a. sixstringsg Steve Spear, a.k.a. Stevespear426 Jonathan Steadman, a.k.a. Whitehawkx xoomdev, a.k.a. xoomdev Mike Wilson, a.k.a. Zaphod-Beeblebrox
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